2017 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve 4x4

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I purchased a truck at a dealership signed the papers and I gave them a postdated check until I can got the funds selling stock, I only had the truck for 3 to 4 days and had problems with it and I brought it in and they fix several issues, One of the issues I had that was defects in three parts of my leather seats. I recently canceled my check and told them I want to back out of the deal if my seats are not fixed this is a $65,000 truck. Can they do me anything for canceling the check and wanting to unwind the deal? The truck had 258 miles on it and it now has 400. It's been at the dealership for the last four days. And now that they don't want to fix my seats I don't want to truck anymore! The manager laughs at me and says it's not that big of a deal I promptly told him that's because it's not your money you're spending. Legally what can I do? I have the $28,000 but I canceled the check due to these issues. Any knowledgeable answers would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'd try to contact the dealership owner next.

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    it was a new vehicle! 2017 Nissan titan XD Platinum Reserve 4x4
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    I am still willing to do business with them just not on this truck I literally drove it for one day. I told them to order me one. They said no you are stuck in this contract. I told them I cancelled the down payment and they told me i am still obligated for payment and they refuse to change out the defective seats, total bull. GM laughs and says its not a big deal, i say it is to me when I'm putting down $28000 and financing $33400, i told him its funny to you because its not your money! so I'm pretty hot!
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