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Discovery Sport owners alert: new powertrain software & infotainment updates as well as recalls...

4sallypat4sallypat Member Posts: 49
edited December 2016 in Land Rover
Make sure you take your Discovery Sport into your dealer's service dept for some great updates.
Just got back from the dealer service department and the car is better than before.
Not only will they take care factory recall campaigns (sunglass holder, license lamp, noisy second row seats) but they have a new powertrain update software which improves acceleration and reduces lag.
If you had the false fuel level reading issue or laggy infotainment or navigation not starting up - they have fixes for those as well.

Now after all the service work (3 pages) at ZERO cost - the car is amazing - it's like new and better.


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    gp3gp3 Member Posts: 43
    I am about to pick up my new 2016 Disco Sport tomorrow..how will I be able to tell if this update has been done on the truck? Its been sitting on the lot for about a year, I doubt they did this update. How would I be able to tell? Thank you so much!
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    4sallypat4sallypat Member Posts: 49
    The service department can tell you based on the VIN and production date. Mine was produced in September 2015 and sold as a 2016 model year. The service dept calls it a open service campaign and there were 5 menu items including the powertrain & infotainment update. When I complained about the fuel gauge and navigation issues - they added the 2 menu items at no cost under warranty.
    If your selling dealer service dept is not forthcoming or helpful, seek out a different dealer - they do vary in terms of helpfulness.
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372

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