Nissan 350Z Gas Mileage Reports


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    When I first had the car I was only getting about 17 mpg, but now that it is broken in and I drive it a little less aggressively I average about 22 mpg mix of city and highway.
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    I've been amazed at my Z's mileage. Last 2 fillups were right around 25 mpg. I do spend about 70% of my time on the highway, but for those other 30% of the miles, I drive it pretty hard. considering, with this same commute, I could only squeeze out 24 mpg in my volvo when it was at its peak, I am in awe of the mileage I'm getting in something so fast and raw as the Z.

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  • starchecker1starchecker1 Member Posts: 35
    I agree. I have had a couple of fillups average 24MPG which is BETTER than my 2001 Sentra SE did!

    I haven't done a long road trip yet to burn a whole tank on the highway, but I bet 28 - 30 MPG wouldn't be out of reach.

    Great mileage for the power!
  • jmillsjmills Member Posts: 77
    Minimum City of 22 MPG

    Average 26 MPG interstate at AVG 80MPH
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    80 percent of my driving is hi-way and I average around 25. On taking trips if I keep it under 70 I can get around 28 to 29, over 80 I will get around the stated 26 or so.

    I've been impressed with the mileage
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    95% city and get around 19mpg.
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    How many miles/fill-ups did it take you to break in your car? I have a new 2006 roaster that has about 700 miles on it now and has averaged only 16-17 mpg so far. I've mostly only driven it in the city so haven't been able to drive it over 50mph very often yet.
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    I've had my 2005 Touring Roadster for one week now (new, was a left-over 2005, came in to dealer late last year), and so far, according to the trip computer, I'm getting around 15 mpg around town. I haven't had it on the highway very much, this is probably 90% or more around town, stop and go, driving. Total mileage on car is around 325 right now; it's about due for it's second fill-up. (Came from dealer with half a tank, and I've filled it once.)

    Will be going on a road trip next week, so I'm hoping for improved mileage from that.
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    just checking in-- 16,000 miles in 8 months, touring '05 6 spd. mixed driving 22-23 and hiway 25-28. very impressed with mpg and overall driveability of this every-mans sports car!! i think touring pack makes daily driving more bearable as does sirius radio.
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    I'll check in too, now that I've had the car longer. Mileage is much improved from that first tank. I get 25 on cruise control around 60, around 18 - 20 around town or in stop and go traffic on the Beltway with a lot of traffic.

    Not bad at all, I'm happy with those numbers.
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    i have 350z 06 touring auto for 3 months now with 9954 miles on it and mainly highway avg 24.2mpg so far.overall pleased,and hope over time for better mpg.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticMember Posts: 965
    Is that the coupe or the roadster?
  • friedflounderfriedflounder Member Posts: 4
    it is the coupe,daytona blue.i had s2000 roadster before,and did't use top that much,so i decided to get the coupe and the sat radio which i use more.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticMember Posts: 965
    Interesting. I'm getting the same or better mileage on the highway even with the top down. I would have thought the coupe would be better, but looks like they're about the same.
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    I am going on 5 years, with 130000 miles with same car, I done what I could to improve the mileage beause of high prices at the pump. I like any comment on using slick50 in the oil, I have notice improvement of performance, from 18 in city to 19plus. Last year I had a cold air system put in and saw great savings plus the added effect of great sounds coming from the engine as I shaft from gear to gear! So between the two, I now get 21plus on the city streets, I also noticed on the highway the best mileage is 25 if I stay at 70mph.
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    Mine is a 2005 350z GT roadster w/ 18's - mixed driving, 15-19 mpg in the city depending on my driving style and about 20, sometimes 22 mpg on highway runs to the shore, when I can keep it under 85.
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    1 oz per tank full 100 percent pure acetone,,,,walgreens 16 oz bottle

    disconnect the wires from the purge solenoid...tape off the wires from the car, connect 1 wire from the solenoid connector to ground..loosen the solenoid..strip insulation from the wire and stick the bare wire behind the solenoid..retighten the solenoid bracket/bolt..then the other wire to the interior of the car...drivers door under the rubber seal inside the fender near the holes a cheap 2 pole on off switch from advanced... mount it to the lower part of the dash..ez to drill a small hole under don't have to see the switch, just know where it is...connect the wire you routed from solenoid to the switch..connect the other side of the switch with another wire to the fuse box...pull the cigar lighter fuse...bend the wire to fit under the cold side of the fuse so your system is fused with this fuse...

    Now...leave the switch on except for fueling...turn off while filling the car with gas...wait until you begin to drive before turning the switch on after fueling to prevent flooding with fuel vapor....

    don't forget to leave your gas cap installed loosely...

    service engine soon light will come on with loose cap code...

    acetone is optional

    never add more than 3 oz acetone per 10 gal of gas

    1 oz acetone with above vapor injection will increase your milage 10 mpg

    more than 1 oz will drop your milage to factory but....

    adding 3 oz to 10 gallons is fun

    you can smoke the tires with an automatic from a dead stop no power brake with traction off...normally only 1 foot spin...

    with 3 oz mpg at 70mph is 23mpg
    with 0 oz acetone at 70mph is 28 mpg
    with 1 oz acetone at 70mph is 30mpg

    with 3 oz acetone at 80 mpg is 27mpg...

    acetone in such low parts per million will not hurt anything..

    the 3 oz mixture will clean your o2 sensor like new.
    should be ran about every 10,000 miles to clean
    or whenever your mpg drops

    Email any questions.. no negative comments without testing first...I have and will continue to enjoy my adjustable horsepower and mpg on my call

    basically acetone molecules surround gasoline molocules helping gasoline to vaporize.
    acetone is one of the longest burning fuels known....therefor increasing torque big time...hp comes from the excess torque

    Higher doses of acetone(up to 3oz per 10gal) will increase milage on non o2 sensor heavy cars...the lightweight z is already effecient.

    sucking vapor from the top of the tank fools the o2 smells gas and leans the engine a bit...

    with only installing the switch on the vapor solenoid you will get 28 mpg at 70 as said above...test it yourself.... sells falken tires with a 40,000 mile warranty...inexpensive...excellent wet traction...i have 13,000 on mine and they still look new...handle well..the tire fix... God Bless
    thomasdavidp at yahoo
  • qbrozenqbrozen incurable addictMember Posts: 31,373
    For those interested in further discussion:
    Fuel and Oil Additives: Post 542

    It goes on for several pages, I believe. And if you search that discussion for "acetone," you'll find many more.

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    acetone is a very powerful solvent that _may_ dissolve various fuel line components or fittings.
  • simplewonsimplewon Member Posts: 4
    1 oz per 20 gal is very low parts per million yet

    there is no need for acetone less you want a temporary hp boost then add the 4 oz to the tank full.

    For best mpg, no acetone is needed.

    1. Disconnect the vapor canister by bypassing it. There are three hoses on the canister, one vents for fueling, connects to a solenoid and the other two connect close to each other on the vapor canister. Remove these two and connect them together. Put the heat shield back on after making this modification.

    2. Disconnect the two wire plug from the evaporative solenoid on the engine(single throttle body mdls) located just to the passenger side of the throttle body assy.

    3. Connect new wires from one side of the solenoid connect to ground, the other side to a switch (two pole, on off) mounted under the dash connect the other side of the switch to the cold side of the accessory cigar lighter fuse then reinstall the fuse.

    side effects:

    1. Leave engine running while fueling with switch on allowing tank vapor to be sucked through the engine in order to allow fuel to enter the tank, normally the third vent on the vapor canister would open(solenoid via pressure sensor) and allow tank to be filled venting vapor outside above the rear diff./axle assy.
    2. Leave switch off during wild driving, sharp turns will allow raw fuel to suck through the vapor system reducing mpg.
    3. Don't fill tank over half full to prevent fuel from splashing onto the top of the tank which will allow raw fuel to suck through the vapor system reducing mpg.


    55 degree outside temp @ 72mph rewards 31 mpg

    30 degree outside temp @ 72 mph rewards 28 mpg

    70 degree outside temp @ 72 mph rewards 34 mpg

    70 degree outside temp @ 62 mph rewards a phenomenal 42 mpg

    Try it yourself. All of this is easily reversible to put the car back factory.

    The evaporative computer is a separate computer from the cars main computer. To reset the evaporative which will turn off the check engine light after you put everything back to factory you must disconnect the battery for 24 hrs. Odd reset procedure unlike the cars main computer which is reset with a series of steps or simply removing the battery cables momentarily. As info. Love my homemade hybrid z...

    oh. One other thing, More hp comes from adding vapor, the o2 sensor is backing off fuel during normal driving due to the excess fuel it smells due to excess vapor causing good mpg but when you accelerate hard the o2 sensor is not used and computer dumps max fuel meaning you now have max fuel plus vapor off the tank. Full tank of fuel spills fuel into the vapor line which also gives more power.
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    I drive my 350Z about 100 miles per day, 90% of which is interstate. I was getting 23 mpg average. I have always driven 75 on the interstate, and I like to accelerate quickly from stoplights. However, a couple of weeks ago, I computed how much money my wife and I are spending each month on gasoline. I was spending nearly $500 per month in my car, and she was spending nearly $700 per month in hers (Denali). She just bought a 4 cylinder Camry, and we are going to drive the Denali very sparingly.

    I studied the hypermiling websites to try to figure out how to get better gas mileage. I have slowed to an average of 55 mph. I do pulse and glide with the engine on (accelerate to 60, coast down to 50, then repeat). I also have started accelerating more slowly (2,000 rpm instead of 4,000). I coast to stoplights instead of rushing to them and slamming on my brakes. I turn my engine off if I know it is going to be a long stoplight (over 30 seconds). I do not draft behind semi's or drive with the engine off while coasting at highway speeds because I am afraid of getting decapitated by a tire if the semi has a blowout and because I am afraid of losing control without power steering and brakes.

    I reset the mpg gauge, and my new average for combined city/highway miles is 31.9 mpg. I also tested the highway mileage by resetting it when I got on the interstate and then looking at it when I exit. If I pulse and glide, I average 36 mpg on the interstate. If I set the cruise to 55, I average 33 mpg on the interstate. The city mileage still sucks (9 to 18 mpg), but luckily, I don't have much city driving. I calculated my mileage manually after my first full tank since driving this way, and I got 30.4 mpg. I filled up at 492 miles, and I could have gone well over 500 miles (maybe 600), but I didn't want to push it, and I wanted to fill up with the same pump.

    I don't know if I will be able to keep driving this way. I've always been a lead foot, but it's nice to know you can get decent mileage if you try. Also, I still have the power there when I want to accelerate. Maybe I just don't have to drive that way all the time...
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    I'm driving a 2005 350z Touring - I commute about 15 minutes to work 50/50 highway/city. I don't gun it, shift at about 2600 RPMs and will shift to 5th or 6th if coasting/cruising real slow on city streets (around 40mph-50mph). I get about 19mpg by doing the check miles, record number of gallons to fill, then rinse and repeat... after two fill ups from half tank. Doing the math, I get exactly 19.20 MPG. I imagine if I drive on the highway a lot longer, it'll improve by about 5mpg or so.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticMember Posts: 965
    edited April 2010
    That's about what I get too. Definitely the more highway miles, the better the mileage per gallon. This is a car that likes to run, not poke around in the city.
  • car_lovecar_love Member Posts: 27
    For sure, I'm learning that now. I do simply LOVE driving the car. Haven't had this much fun in years.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticMember Posts: 965
    Exactly my thought when I bought it! Mine is a Redline Touring Roadster, 2005, bought in April, 2006, exactly 4 years ago. (It had arrived at the dealer in the late fall of 2005 - not a great time to sell convertibles. So I got a great deal on it.) Love, love, love it.

    I track the mpg quite often. On a long highway trip with very little city traffic, I'll get between 25 and 26 mpg. If it's mostly putzing around town, doing errands, stuck in traffic, lots of stops and starts, it's around 19. Both those numbers are comparable to our outgoing 2000 Maxima GLE (being traded in tomorrow for a new car.) I think that's pretty good that a sports-oriented roadster, driven most of the time with top down, in a reasonably "spirited" way, gets almost identical mileage to the family sedan.
  • qbrozenqbrozen incurable addictMember Posts: 31,373

    I once read that the best way to get good mileage out of a stick is "foot to the floor and short shift." Using this method, I used to get 25mpg with my 6-speed Touring Z with about 30-40% around town driving.

    '94 Pajero 2.8TD, '08 Charger R/T Daytona; '67 Coronet R/T; '13 Fiat 500c, '21 WRX, '20 S90 T6, '92 Nissan Gloria 3.0; '22 MB Sprinter 2500 4x4 diesel. 65-car history and counting! '97 Suzuki R Wagon, '97 Alto Works on the way; Wagoneer L on order; and in queue for Lucid Air Pure, Blazer EV, and Fisker Ocean.

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    Here's my fill up report today:

    167 miles on 7.938 Gallons = 21.03 mpg 50city//50highway. I'm actually pretty happy with that. I got bought the car with no gas in it and have a feeling it was regular, think I just had to clear out the cobwebs. Excellent car! Loved it in the canyons this weekend.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticMember Posts: 965
    Glad you're having fun!

    21 mpg isn't too terrible. The more highway miles, the better; the more in-town miles, the worse. 21 is a decent average.
  • car_lovecar_love Member Posts: 27
    thanks, love the car, great fun. just getting the little gremlins out that the previous owner chose to ignore LOL like a bad clutch master cylinder.
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