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Using this vehicle to deliver mail in area with lots of hills, curves and snow. Brand new high end snow tires and I can't get up the hills or pull away from mailboxes. Tried disabling traction control and still didn't help. Christmas deliveries and 2 days of snow and I've spent a lot of time backing down hills to try and get a running start.70 miles and 400 customers makes for a really long and dangerous day. Any suggestions would be helpful.


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    It's kind of the nature of the beast. I've had minivans since 1989. Ten years of driving them in Anchorage and four years in the UP (where it really snows). Used studs in Anchorage on a Voyager, avoided taking the van to the ski hills. Studs helped a lot starting and stopping on black ice at the intersections but didn't help much on hills.

    Couldn't get to the ski hill on powder days in Boise in my Quest, so got an Outback for snow trips. If it snowed in town, I had trouble getting the van up my driveway and it wasn't all that steep.

    Used Nokian WR-G2s in the UP. Had the same tires on my Outback. The Outback would go anywhere with those "all-weather" tires. The tires worked great on the van in the rain but didn't help in snow at all.

    Unless you are able to swap cars, I think your best bet is going to be to chain up.

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