Weird Power Problem

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Hi there,

I have the following problem.

While I was driving I noticed that the lights on the dashboard were half as bright as before at one point. When I had to stop at a Stoplight I felt the power of the gas was holding a bit before the whole care just went out. I wanted to start it again this didn't work nothing. After standing still for a while waiting for help, I tried again and suddenly it started again. I made it for a while after before it kept holding in again and stopped completely. Same thing after I while started again and able to make home.

We checked the battery, which was a little low. We externally charged it completely in order to bring the car to the garage. There they suspected the Dynamo and replaced the brushes.

It was running good again for several days when I noticed again the inside dashboard lights going down again and the holding in. Stopped didn't want to start again until after a while of standing still. Today I did a test drive with it without using the lights and it just got me from a to b not a long ride but still it didn't behave strange or something.

Does anyone ever had this problem before or has an idea where to look for with regards to the problem. Would appreciate your thoughts. The car is an automatic by the way.
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