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Honda Accord Hybrid Owners: Meet the Members



  • Wow!!! :blush: :surprise: I think my driving is not as good. I am only getting around 20mpg. Also the "AUTO STOP" function is pretty annoying. The stoping and starting gets jerky due to this Auto stop. Can some body tell me how the mpg is calculated. Also how to improve the mpg
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Hi Desidriver:

    Does your Accord Hybrid have NAVI, extended warranty and some other extra accessories? How much is out-the-door price? What state are you in? Thanks.

    The MGP should be 29 mixed - 37 highway as the EPA rating. In the winter MPG is a bit lower due to required extra substance in fuel. MPG also depends on your driving style. Kids usually get very low MPG (22 - 25).
  • HI PHX. Well, my mileage MPG's got better after my first 2,000 miles or so I put on the car. You have to try not to accelerate fast and keep the ECO light on as much as possible to get better mileage. there's more info on how to get better mileage on the other forum, hybrid real numbers....I can get around 39 on highway, 32 on city driving. Not bad for a V-6.
    On another post about how to get good MPG, their advice was to act like there is an egg between your foot and the pedal.. seems to help. Good luck!!
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    That was my "egg advive" jaxflygirl. You do "egg tatics" better than me now.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    Long live "Eggy tricks". Long live Queen Jaxflygirl, Mistress of "Eggy Gang", The One and Only.
  • hi
    new member, names dan
    thinking of getting a HAH after hearing about all the incentives )$3k cdn off from honda)+ ($1k from gvt) so it works out less than ex v6
    also glad 06 has sunroof, im going this week to see what i can get for my 03 mini cooper s(18 k km) (great car) but im thinking of something bigger

    glad to mett you all, ive read every post you have, im very excited, hope to be a reg member soon!
    mississauga, ontario, canada
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Welcome to the Forum Dan. Do they have the 2006 HAH in Canada yet? Sounds like they are held up from the US market for a couple more months. Let us know how you like the car when you get it.
  • hi
    well the salesman said i can go for a test drive next week, so i hope they have one!
  • Hi everybody....What do y'all think about the new 07 hybrid camry that's coming out? From the pictures I've seen, I think I like it better than my 05 HAH, especially the interior. Major plus is the high horsepower 4 cyl. with the awesome mileage they are posting. may have to trade...won't know until I actually drive one...They aren't due in until late march. :confuse:
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    If I were Jaxflygirl I would not trade it in for the Camry hybrid for the following reasons:

    - HAH's power is greater than he Camry hybrid.
    - Camry hybrid quality has not been proven.
    - Honda has much more experience in hybrid technology.
    - I will buy a HAH '06.
    - The '06 regular Camry was given 6/ 10 by MSN's male auto critic while the female critic gave it 9.5/ 10.
    - It's true that the 3,800 lbs HAH hybrid is so light like a feather which flies on the road.
  • alp8alp8 Posts: 656
    would love to hear from you HAH owners.

    I am considering one, comparing it against the Camry Hybrid, but I want real world info!!!
  • Hi all my partner and I just got a 2007 HAH in pearl white. He is selling his 99 Forester. We took our first long road trip this weekend and were very pleased with the power, comfort and mpg's, we were getting 28.8 mpg's at one point. My primary vehicle is a Honda Ridgeline. Too bad it did not come in a hybrid, but I love it anyway. The speed of the HAH is impressive. The only thing I did not like was a strumming noise with the moonroof in tilt position, that does not happen with my ridgeline. It has the same swooping sound that my ridgeline has with the rear windows open and cracking one of the front windows or the moonroof solves. Other than that , I love the car so far . Oh , I am imdragonslayer. aka Martin.
  • :shades: Just purchased 2007 HAH with 3,305 on the ticker. Drove it from one end of the state to the other, and then back to the center within 24 hours. First 200 miles, I rarely went over 55 - 60 MPH and averaged 36.8 MPG in hilly terrain.

    The next 250 miles were spent around 70 - 75 MPH and the average declined to 33.3 MPG. This included a little horsing around while relatives tossed the car around a few sharp bends. I'm still running on that first tank of gasoline!

    Power, handling and performance were the reasons I purchased this vehicle. The additional MPG are a welcome bonus. I will be happy if I average 25 MPG overall. That will be a 25% improvement over my previous vehicle [Buick GS, supercharger, 240 HP].

    Stay tuned. As I gain more knowledge of my new ride, I'll offer comparisons to my old Buick, may she rest in pieces. :sick:
  • I just thought I'd share a recent experience. I was called a few weeks ago by a company doing a survey on hybrid cars. I'm not sure where they got my name from, but at the end I was invited to take part in a group discussion that included other hybrid car owners- we ended up being a marketing test group for the new lexus hybrid coming out next year. The group was made up of accord and camry hybrid owners and two facts were obvious. One is that the camry owners LOVED their car- raves about gas mileage and general satistifaction- even from previous lexus owners with much lower expectations. Those of us who owned accords all wished we could fix at least one thing (I wanted a spare tire) in addition to the disappointing MPH in city driving. Now I could add Honda's engineering dept. that has not addressed the VCM vibration/lurching problem that is obviously not my imagination. The camry never did suit me for looks, and frankly has gotten too big. Maybe good for some, but I really do like the way my 05 Accord was styled. It is elegant and handles pretty well. The new lexus was way too flashy- looks like the new BMWs and smaller Mercedes- and very expensive. I've always had my cars for at least 10 years- and I hope this car doesn't become the first that needs to be traded in. :(
  • As posted previously, I have an 05 HAH which I really do think is a great car. I drive over 600 miles a week and get to know my cars pretty well- especially since my last two cars stayed with me approx. 10 years. I was told that my discussion of "vibration" was not appropriate on the regular Accord forum. I have not heard it mentioned here. does anyone experience a strange vibration- noticable driving on flat highway type surfaces and recurring both on acceleration and deceleration at multiple points (15, 35, 55mph)?

    another question: in attempting to "fix" the problem above that Honda Service claims to know nothing about, I changed my tires. I bought good tires, but apparently not the right tires since my avg gas mileage has decreased significantly (from 28 to 22). I used the opportunity to have one old tire mounted and put in the trunk since two flat tires have convinced me that without a spare you will find yourself in this situation at the worst time, with the worst weather and without any options when offered the most expensive tire available by the local service station where you've been towed. has anyone experienced a significant change in MPG by changing tires and/or putting a spare in the trunk? Previously it was possible to maintain a higher MPG with a car full of adults, so the weight of a spare tire should not be at fault. I've been offered the opportunity to return for the "better" tires which were not originally offered due to the price, which will be $100 MORE PER TIRE (total $250 each) which I really wouldn't consider except for the 35-60 miles per tank I've lost- driving 600 miles per week this will soon be a net loss. :confuse:

    feedback would be appreciated.
  • emmy6emmy6 Posts: 4
    I love this car!!! I've had it for 4 months now. smooth ride, peppy get up and go, and, although the gas mileage could be better for a hybrid, i average 26 mpg mixed in town/ hwy and have gotten up to 37 mpg - hwy (cruise control @ 70 mph). That's not too shabby considering I constantly run my a/c. ;)
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter is hoping to talk with hybrid owners who have had to replace the hybrid's battery. Please respond to before Friday, May 16, 2008 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your experience.

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  • kenebaughkenebaugh Posts: 2
    To Viet - the power for acceleration is one reason I bought my HAH. I like to GO===>>>. The fact that I can do so [occasionally] and still maintain a 10 MPG increase on average over my old Buick Regal GS makes the purchase worthwhile.

    But I have to disagree with you on the Toyota Vs. Honda technology - Toyota has the cutting edge technology, while Honda is using technology that is now two generations behind the leaders. Toyota concentrates on full integration with maximum mileage with [barely ?] adequate performance; while Honda concentrates on keeping full performance, but adding many MPG in the process. Toyota has sold more hybrid vehicles than all other makes added together. I hope you bought and are enjoying your HAH as much as I enjoy mine.

    To Karen S. - Not enough miles and usage yet to have needed an "h"-battery [or normal one for that matter] replacement, sorry, but glad!

    To JNG [jayngee] - Tires can make a big difference!!! My '07 HAH came with Michelin Energy MXV4 215X60-16 shoes - a relatively low rolling resistance tire = higher MPG tire, also longer wearing. That also implies somewhat lower traction than more aggressive tread and rubber designs. I have to be careful that I tiptoe around in the wet compared to my old Buick. It was shod with B.F. Goodrich Radial TA's in the 225X60-16 size and could charge through wet curves and stop almost as well on wet as on dry. Not so with these Michelins.

    When I removed the original Goodyear rubber on my Buick and replaced with the B.F. Goodrich tires, the handling improved markedly - especially in the wet, the ride quality decreased slightly - noise was up a little and vibration was a little worse; but most importantly, my average mileage decreased about 2 MPG. Finally, they only lasted 40,000 miles rather than the 60,000+ for the Goodyears. Tires are a compromise, you pay your money and take your pick. Do some research at, ConsumerGuide,com or other such vendors - before you spend that extra $400. Match the tires to your real driving needs. :confuse:

    Oh, you didn't indicate, but if you changed tire size and bought "bigger" tires, your mileage will "appear" to get worse just because of the larger tire circumferance. Your odometer will register fewer miles, even though you traveled the same distance. Wider tires would decrease your mileage just because of the increased wind and rolling resistance - even if everything else remained the same.

    To All - has several good articles on hybrid/green vehicles. HAH is not included since they were discussing 2008 models, but you might enjoy reading these anyway.


    Now for my update. I have just over 10K on the clock and my average MPG according to the second trip meter [I have never reset this one since purchase] is an indicated 28.4 MPG. I have recorded a high of 38.7 MPG on one tank of fuel used on a trip [65 MPH cruise control speed]. That is just 6 MPG short of a Prius! My manual calculations are very close to the values given by the car's electronics. Much closer than my old Buick.

    I cannot push this car as hard as I did my Buick because the tires are not as grippy. I get very early tire squeal going around even moderate corners. In the wet, it gets "loose" early. There is also lots of wheel spin turning uphill from a stop. I am running 35 PSI, cold. The car does not oversteer as badly after I increased the tire pressure. Steering seems to "hunt" for straight-ahead on the highway and tends to wander. This is probably indicative of little or no toe-in for better mileage. Even though the HAH has more total horsepower, and 5 forward speeds instead of 4; it is not as fast or responsive as my old Buick. HAH takes a while to wind-up and get going. But, it rides much smoother.

    I had WallyWorld change the oil and lube any joints. I used full synthetic. Over time, I hope that makes a difference. I have never used full synthetic before, but then I never spent this much on a car before, either. I taped the receipts inside my maintenance booklet. I rotated the tires myself. Dealer can stuff their $180.00 scheduled maintenance package. I'll wait until 25,000 before I do that number.

    This is not a "perfect" car. The moonroof has excessive wind noise when fully closed. Makes me think the passenger side window is not rolled all the way up. The cruise control takes a moment to fully engage and the speed drops, then the car accelerates quickly to get it back. I have learned to just keep my foot on the pedal until I "feel" cruise fully engage.

    There is no auto-dimming of rear-view mirrors. The manual interior mirror is not really a big deal, but I miss the dimming of the exterior mirrors - especially with that semi- sitting on my rear bumper. There is no GPS locator [OnStar] unless that happens to be part of the NAV package which I do not have.

    The ECO light is really inadequate by itself, even with the charge bars on both sides. There should be an "instantaneous" MPG meter to supplement the ECO light, so we will know how close we are to losing ECO. Battery charging/using meter display lights are not always functional. It appears that they "forget" to display at times.

    The stereo is the pits - or at least the speakers are! Unpleasant Boom-Box bass at one level and if you decrease volume just a click or two, you cannot hear bass at all. It needs a loudness compensation circuit. I took a peek at the rear speakers and the magnets are smaller than an old Victrola entertainment center gathering dust and spiders in my basement. No wonder they tend to BOOM. As soon as I figure out how to get the grills off, they will be replaced with speakers with more controlled cone excursion.

    Windshield curvature makes it hard for the wiper to keep it dry. I replaced the factory units with Michelin blades and the same places are not wiped well. Driver's side blade is too long or needs more downforce [stiffer spring?] to keep it in continuous contact with glass.

    The body panels seem to have shifted with age - just like mine. There is now a big gap at the front edge of driver's door; and the rear edge of the front fender panel "bows" out to make the gap appear even bigger. And no, it has not been hit anywhere! The passenger's side is still as "tight" as it was the day I purchased.

    The trunk does not visually align with body, but it is not leaking anywhere. And for us tall drivers who must push their seat back, the front "A" piller really blocks your vision to the left. It makes a big "blind spot" you have to crane your neck to look around when you are curving to the left or there is traff
  • I have a 2005 HAH with 57,000 miles on it. Original tires that are getting very close to replacement. Have any of you replaced your original equipment tires? Comments, recommendations, dislikes, anyone?
  • emmy6emmy6 Posts: 4
    Mine also came with the standard mirror and I was spoiled with the auto dim mirror from my Camry. I found that the standard mirror has a limited viewing plus the compass really helps when turned around on an unfamilar road so I had my local dealership install an auto dim for about $275. Took less than 2 hours to install and worth every penny.
  • bnhbuttsbnhbutts Posts: 5
    Anybody had to replace a Hybrid battery on the Accord Hybrid? I've heard it can be $4000+ , but don't know when it needs replacing. I'm considering buying a 2005 with $59,000 miles on it and I am little gun shy about the replacement cost. I spoke with a technician at Honda and was told that they will last forever and not to worry. Anybody had a problem yet?
  • bspecbspec Posts: 1
    Have a 2006 HAH, with about 70,000 miles, no battery problems. Just a recurring "check engine light" coming for no apparent reason. Honda's been replacing parts (?), on my 6th visit to service.
  • bnhbuttsbnhbutts Posts: 5
    Thanks - that is helpful. I am still considering this car.
  • mvianmvian Posts: 1
    This is most likely old news at this point, but I went through several months of back and forth and lots of drive-abouts trying to demonstrate and then diagnose the vibration issue. I eventually ended up driving around with a Honda corporate rep who identified the problem—and it's an unusual one. The sound system in the HAH is designed to phase-cancel some unique sound of the hybrid engine. The originally installed speaker system had a design flaw and failed quickly (and I had one mechanic say, "predictably"). I had them replaced (but with the original design) within the first year, knowing I'd probably go back when they failed again—which they did. By then, the system was redesigned and the problem apparently fixed. Honda and the dealer responded well and fixed it both times free of charge. I haven't had the problem since. In the category of fwiw.

    I still love the car except in the snow (but that's for another post).

    >>does anyone experience a strange vibration- noticable driving on flat highway type surfaces and recurring both on acceleration and deceleration at multiple points (15, 35, 55mph)?
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