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Monthly Update for November 2016 - 2016 Nissan Titan XD Posts: 10,059
edited December 2016 in Nissan
imageMonthly Update for November 2016 - 2016 Nissan Titan XD

An update on fuel economy, maintenance and places we?ve been during the month of November in the Edmunds long-term 2016 Nissan Titan XD.

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  • interesting... given the premium paid for the diesel engine, I thought it would do better. My '16 Ram 2500 CCSB 4x4 with the 6.4L Hemi has done 18+ on the highway... and that's with only 1600 miles on the odometer. Local Nissan dealership had a top-trim XD on the lot... stickered for over $64k... oof. My Ram was about half of that...
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Posts: 1,021
    edited December 2016
    (A) Stop complaining about the size. It's a full size pickup, of course it sucks to drive in LA. Being unexpectedly easy would be worthy of comment.

    (B) I am still waiting for any reason to buy this over one of its domestic competitors. It isn't cheaper, it doesn't get better fuel economy, it doesn't offer anything special in terms of capabilities.
  • Good thing this has an economical diesel engine instead of the wasteful 2.7T in the F150!

    Wait - you mean the F150 had light-years better day-to-day performance, towed and hauled almost as much, and still got better fuel economy, burning cheaper fuel?

    The Ram Ecodiesel towed and hauled fine, plus it got really good fuel economy, but did not have a lot of power in reserve.

    The F150 got so-so fuel economy, but towed and hauled fine, plus had a ton of reserve power, whatever the task. A bullet.

    This Nissan has the worst of both worlds.
  • bohiobohio Posts: 59
    When I finally -- after about a year of waiting after Nissan announced this truck's existence/production plans -- got to see this truck in person, I thought it was ridiculously huge. Somehow its proportions were even bigger appearing than a typical full-size truck, and I don't think that's just a perception. Regardless, shortly after inventory finally came to market, a NH dealer quoted me $500 off MSRP. I didn't think much of that, and bought a different truck (RAM 1500 ED).

    Now, virtually any Nissan dealer is offering $10k off their Titans' MSRP in this area, and there's a dealer in nearby Sanford, ME (Marc Motors) which is offering 25% off MSRP for any of the seven (7) XDs currently on their lot. That's a HUGE discount, and it tells me that Nissan has badly missed the mark on this truck.

    Maybe they will do better if ever they re-launch the nearly archaic Frontier and Xterra models. But I wouldn't bet on it. As to the dealer referenced above, I called to inquire if a) the discount was legit (it is), and b) if they had a GT-R (they don't).
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