1995 vogager, won't start,while turning over, replaced iginition switch,replaced map sensor,replaced

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distributor, still wont start


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    oldredvan said:

    distributor, still wont start

    Fuel, Spark. Air.

    Does it have fuel? Can you hear the fuel pump run when you turn the key to ON? The pump should run for a few seconds to prime the system. If fuel pump doesn't run, have someone tap on underside of fuel tank with a rubber mallet while someone else turns key to ON. If the pump does run after vibration, don't drive car thinking it's fixed. It will die again. Time for replacement.

    Then are the injectors pulsing while the car cranks? Some suggest holding end of short dowel stick to the injector, or a screwdriver, or even touching it with your finger to feel the impulse opening it.

    Then check for spark by taking off a spark plug wire and laying it on a metal part of the engine while someone cranks then engine. Ideally, use an old spark plug in the end of the wire to see if you are getting spark during cranking.

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