2002 Jeep GC engine issues, please help

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My 2002 Jeep GC HO is having some issues. Previously I replaced the water pump and the power steering hoses do to fluid leaking. This may have some cause but I'm not sure. Also recently had a cam shaft sensor replaced as the Jeep would bog down under power. Well it started doing the bogging down, or misfiring(?) again recently. I set up an appointment to get it in the shop but had to wait a couple days. I continued to operate the vehicle as it really only was having issues when it was cold. Once I got it to temp I didn't experience the problem. Well the last day it was so bad that it would sputter at idle. After warming up the issue was still a problem, but if I let off the gas and back on gently it seemed to be fine.

Well I brought it in thinking it was another sensor that went wrong but after 2 days of not being able to find the issue they thought that it was something with the timing and would pull the cover on the motor. The shop said they checked the wiring and even replaced the cam and crank sensors and it was still having the issue. I got a call today that they got to the timing chains and that the bottom two did have some slack in them.

I still don't think the timing chain is the issue but I told them to proceed as I need my vehicle back because I'm supposed to be moving. I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on this issue and might be able to offer some advice. Not only am I concerned about the price of the fix but I'm also concerned this is the incorrect fix and after it's done I will still be without a car.

Thank you for any help on this issue.
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