Honda Accord Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers

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Share your Accord Hybrid's actual MPG with other owners here.


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    I've had the Hybrid for nearly 2 months and the car has about 890 miles on it. I've filled the tank 3 times, and, for the most recent tank, have tried to keep the "Econ" light on as much as possible by driving fairly conservatively. My most recent fill-up showed an average MPG of 22.37, after 230 miles. This is my best MPG to date. I drive mostly in the city/suburbs, with perhaps 20-40% of my miles occurring in highway driving. Highway driving in this context consists of 5-10 mile trips on the Massachusetts Turnpike (50-55 MPH), or 6-10 mile trips on Route 9 (40-50 MPH) in eastern Massachusetts. Route 9 is a state highway with a fair number of traffic lights.
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    I have had my 2005 HAH since late March 2005. I've put about 7,500 miles on it do date and have averaged approx 30 mpg life to date. Mostly commuting on Bay Area freeways and little in town, I had expected this to be higher based on the advertised fuel economy but this is much like my 2002 HCH that was advertised at over 50 but I got closer to 45 on that over about 100k miles in just over three years.
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    " My most recent fill-up showed an average MPG of 22.37, after 230 miles. This is my best MPG to date. "

    Ouch! That is about what I get with my 2003 CR-V for city driving... But of course I wouldn't want to meet the HAH on a drag strip!
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    I've spent the last 6 mos and 11K miles with a HAH (w/ Navi).

    Started out at about 26mpg, in 0F. temps on a tight engine.

    I now get 33-34mpg, and on the highway, 42+ with regularity (I've run out of road before maxing out on the trip odo's mpg meter). My lifetime mpg is 31.9 and climbing w/ each new tank. My best trip has been 45.9 mpg (33mi, all secondary highway)

    In experienced hands, and given a long enough distance, the car *will* do 50+ mpg on the highway. I loaned it to an experienced hybrid owner for a week, and he managed to get 58-60mpg with it (under perfect conditions). And yes, we took pictures of the Navi's trip computer applet screens for verification. I can post them, for anyone who wants to see (or, you can go to a certain 'green' website, that displays 'hybrid' owners' mileage, and 'com'pare it over there).

    It *does* take work to get the best mileage out of the car. But it can be done. The longer you drive, with fewer stops, the easier it is to get the top mileage out of this car. Mine suffers so much because my commuter loop is only secondary highway, with lots of stop-n-go. YMMV :)
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    I looked for the website you mention, but to no avail. Can you post the URL to the green website you refer to? Thanks.
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    If I do, the post will be deleted. It's not allowed on this site to reference other automotive sites, I believe.

    That being said, why not google the terms I enclosed in tick marks ? Then look at the first match. When you get there, look at the 'real mileage database', then at the Accord section, and you'll see my car and a few others there :shades:
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    In my second week in my HAH, I am getting 35 mpg with 70% highway, 30% city streets. I do push down the accelerator hard when needed.

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    I am currently researching buying the new HAH instead of the Audi A6. I like the fact that as well as being a hybrid that it has a 6 cylinder engine and comes with the navigation system as an option. My question is to anybody who consistently drives 75-80mph on the highways. How greatly is the MPG affected by traveling at higher speeds? I understand that the faster you drive the lower the MPG, but I do 80% highway miles and if the MPG is below 20 than I may opt for the Audi.

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    Honda does not have such thing as 20MPG. Even if you do 80 MPH you still get 31 MPG for a I4 Accord or for the Accord hybrid. For the Accord hybrid you may get more than 31 MPG at 80 MPH. Trust me.
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    If you cruise at 80 MPH, the HAH will shift into 3 cylinder ECO mode using its VCM (variable cylinder management). You can actually see the 3 cylinder mode come on right on the instrument panel. In that mode you should get 35 MPG easy...

    Of course, when you press lightly on the accelerator, you get the full V6 power. It is pure beauty!
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    Here are some approximate numbers for you (assuming fairly steady speeds):

    Below 65mph - > 40mpg

    Below 70mph - > 35mpg

    Below 75mph - > 32mpg

    Below 80mph - > 30mpg

    Above 82mph - VCM disengages, and you're in 6cyl mode full-time. Expect mpg to dip into the high 20's.

    Get the Navi, it's made by Alpine and generally regarded as the best one out there. In addition, you'll get a instantaneous fuel economy gauge to go along with the two averaging displays in the odometer. It'll wind up teaching you how to get the most mileage out of the car - while still doing extra-legal speeds.

    You'll probably have fewer problems with the Accord vs the A6.
    You'll suffer less depreciation for sure.
    Those two things will result in lower TCO
    You'll save a bit of gas (a lot, if the A6 is only rated around 20 (?))
    You'll be emitting much less pollutants in the air

    80% highway ? A no-brainer. This car's made for the highway. If you've got the extra coin, you won't regret spending it, after a couple of weeks with the car.

    One word of warning - your mileage will suffer during engine break-in (1200-1700mi). Don't be surprised if you're somewhere about 26 combined, those first couple of tanks.
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    For short trips (less than 100 miles) I drive my HAH at 65 - 70 MPH. But for 300+ mile trips I prefer to drive 75 - 80 MPH because I do not want to stay on highway for ever. It is hard tor resist the HAH's power on long trips. It is really a trade-off matter. Uzless' MPG figures pretty much match with my MPG figures.
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    I have had my HAH for 3 months now and have over 4k miles on it. I have never reset the trip computer that comes out on the screen, only the one that's on the instrument cluster when I fill up the tank. So the screen continually tells me I get about 27 mpg. I have a 40 mile round trip daily commute that consists of bumper to bumper freeway traffic. My question is, should I reset this computer, perhaps set it up for reset with each tank? Since I've never reset the computer, I guess the 27 mpg is averaged over the 4k miles. If I reset the computer, will I get a truer picture of my real mpg? The answer is probably obvious I know, but I wanted to get some reassurance from others.

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    Honda R&D asked me about the future HAH. I told them I would love to see new model HAH having following additional features:

    - MPG improved by 70%. However, compromising between power and MPG is acceptable. As an old-ugly-conservative-picky-well planned-family guy I have never driven past 80 MPH but am still hungry for power. More and more power. The more power the better !!!

    - Power (HP) improved by 30+%.

    - Moon roof.

    - Bigger trunk

    - Internet access.

    - Spare tire.

    - 5th door in rear to convert it to an SUV when needed.

    I told them I currently have 5 Accord (99.99% V6 EX and HAH) registered with Honda (via Honda website). One more HAH joining my fleet soon.

    My request would split Honda engineers' brains into tiny pieces to push them stretching their "monster HAH" beyond human imagination. I love my HAH very much and enjoy it every nano second.
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    If you pick the Audi, your mileage will suffer as well as your TCO however you will be getting:

    - A car with stellar handling that is practically weather proof. Quattro AWD (Torsen) is practically voodoo and results in incredible driving satisfaction

    - A car with industry leading interior appointments, such as abundand lovely real wood trim, soft, fine leather, thick, opulent carpets

    - A car with high end standard equipment and options such as Xenon lights, full vehicle stability control, many others above and beyond the current Accord

    - A car with top notch fit and finish

    - A car which includes a full 4 year maintenance agreement, which includes loaner cars (few Honda dealers offer loaners)

    If you get the Honda you will get

    - A car that ensures you get as much as possible out of your fuel dollar (Loonie, Sterling or Euro)

    - A car with a butter smooth and powerful drivetrain

    - A car with a halo (sterling reputation)

    - A car with well chosen gizmos including CD changer, XM radio, climate control, etc

    - A car that should be easy to sell if you decide not to keep it

    Your money your choice. Personally I don't think you can go wrong either way. Enjoy !!!!
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    I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the REAL World MPG forum just below this one. However since this is a problem for me, and maybe for others, I will give you the run down here. :confuse: I purchased my HAH 2700 or so miles ago. I have never had better then 27.9 MPG and that was an 8 hour hwy trip I took to Branson MO. I realize I don't live in a vacuum, and this is Texas, where it reaches 100 most afternoons, and the wind blows, and I am somewhat overweight, so I'm carrying a heavier load, but come on! Wouldn't you expect, that when your driving consists of mostly hwy miles you should get at least the low end of the range? :mad: At this point I would be happy with 29 mpg. This is what I have done and have been told to do thus far. I first talked it over with my salesman, a very nice gentleman who drove around the block with me, first him driving then me driving resetting the computer to see what the differences there were in our driving styles, I guess. That was of little help. Next I emailed my dealer, who never responded to my complaint at all, not even an acknowledgement. After the next tank full and no improvement I took it into the service center at my dealer and was told, the car needs to be broken in a little more, just drive it normally and when you are due for an oil change at 3750mi we will look at it then. So I drove it normally and it is getting worse with every tank full. I again went to my dealer and spoke with another salesman who basically said those numbers are created in a room with no atmospheric conditions affecting them, and Honda itself does not test these numbers. He suggested I talk with the service tech again, and you guessed it, the same answer. Just keep driving like normal and after 7500 miles you will definitely see some improvements.
    I bought this car to save money on gas, and spent more money up front to do so. Along with the saving to the environment, I was pretty psyched about it at first. :) Now I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth about Honda, my dealer, and I just want someone to fix it or take it back. My current MPG is at 25.7 :sick: - Any suggestions? :lemon:

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    You either have a problem with the car or with your driving habits. I have about 5000 miles on my HAH and have seen a steady increase in mileage. On highway driving I always get between 37 and 39 mpg. Suburban or city driving drops it down to 25 to 27 mpg. Experiment by taking a 60 mile trip on a highway stretch with level terrain and few stoplights. Keep your speed steady at 55-60 mph. If you don't hit 37mpg you may have a lemon!!

    The air conditioning use should not be affecting your mileage. It is electric and when you're at a stoplight the motor should be off in auto-stop and the air conditioner still running. Extreme heat, however, could cause the motor to still run at stoplights. I notice that the summer heat actually helps activate ECO mode much earlier when I start out in the morning thus giving me better mileage!
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    I have had my Accord Hybrid for just over 3 months, with just under 4,000 miles. Recently, with warmer weather, my commuting MPG is 26-27 for a 17 mile commute with quite a few stop lights and a couple of short stretches with 45mph to 50mph speed limits. Morning mpg is definitely better than evening mpg due to less traffic. With my previous car (Infiniti G35) I was averaging 17mpg for the same commute.

    I haven't taken a lot of highway trips, but recently averaged over 37mpg for a 150 mile round trip at 70mph.
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    I have had my HAH for 3 months now just under 4k miles. My road trip consisted of going to Monterey, CA then South Lake Tahoe over to Yosemite and back to Los Angeles. From L.A. to Morro Bay I averaged 65 to 75mph with the cruise control on and got up to 39mpg. This was the average overall throughout the trip. Left on a Sunday got back on Friday. Filled up the tank 3 times. My best mileage to my surprise was through Yosemite. Starting in Lee Vining and traveling through Tuolumne Meadows (which is beautiful btw) into and through Yosemite Valley I got up to 42.3mpg! And this was mostly mountain driving! I was happily surprised as was my boyfriend who was driving at the time. Needless to say on that last tank of gas I reached 38mpg and got 475 miles!
    I LOVE this car!
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    So now you trust and "fall in love" with Honda hybrid engineers.
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    I've had my HAH (w/o NAVI) since December in Chicago. Its run the gamut of temperatures, from -10 F to +90 F. I daily commute about 11 miles each way. 1.5 miles is neighborhood driving, and the other 9.5 is on big roads (four lane with stoplights, left turn lanes, posted speed between 35-45 MPH). That's probably 80-90% of my driving. I take some longer trips on similar roads. On the highway I usually go about 35 miles at a time, speed around 75. I've only taken it on one 'long trip', about 300 miles round trip of highway driving.

    I'm a bit over 5K miles now, and it looks like I have averaged around 29.5 MPG. On the highway if I have the patience to go slow I can easily top 37. The worst is that initial mile or so in the morning when I ride through town with slow speed limits and stop signs. I almost wish my commute was longer!

    Great car so far, only wish the trunk was bigger.
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    You can actually see the 3 cylinder mode come on right on the instrument panel? Where? I can't get any better then 25.9 MPG and most of my 22 mile comute is hwy driving at 70 mph

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    In the very center bottom of the Instrument cluster are the bar graphs that show the battery/electric motor behavior.
    When the bars swing to the right of center you are getting the power boost from the battery to the electric motor (the longer the bar the more current is being drawn from the battery to the electric motor).
    When the bar is going to the left of center the current is charging the battery. The longer the bar the faster the battery is being charged.
    Right above the very center of this graph is a small green oval window that illuminates to say "ECO" when the "ECO" light is lit you are in the 3 cylinder mode.
    You can get this "ECO" mode by going lightly on the gas pedal on level ground, downgrades or slight upgrades.
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    Let me tell you folks one single thing: I have not cared much about my HAH's real-world MPG. As long as it is 29 - 37 MPG as Honda promises on the paper and/ or the EPA rating it would be OK to me. In fact, the MPG is better if one knows how to drive it. I believe Honda engineers will find ways to improve the HAH's MPG in the next few years. Now the HAH model 2006 has the moonroof. It's so great as it looks much more like a sport car.
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    I have owned my Accord since 12/15/04 with nearly 13,000 miles. I typically get 29+/- mpg. I regularly drive in rush hour type traffic on the freeway (a fair amount of stop and go). Less freeway travel (for me) means less efficient gas mileage. My driving style is generally very conscious of fuel economy (coasting to a stop rather than zooming up to a light and braking hard, gradual take off versus stomping on the accelorator and ramping up RPM's, etc.) and I am still a bit disappointed with the gas mileage (this car was originally touted as getting as many as 38 MPG). I have never gotten over 32 MPG on any tank of gas -- freeway driving, road trips or in town).

    The real point to this post is to inquire as to whether anyone has heard of any possible modifications to increase fuel efficiency???? A local talk radio show hinted to the fact that there may be folks out there modifying hybrid vehicles and getting off the charts numbers for MPG. Just curious.
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    I picked up my HAH tuesday and love it so far. I have only put 200 mi on it so far and topped off the tank today getting 29mpg in mostly secondary road driving. I dove conservatively, trying to keep the eco light on as much of the time as possible. I could see a sharp drop in MPG when I booted it to get onto a highway.
    My former car was a Subaru WRX, which I liked =very much. When I drove it for "fun", taking advantage of all it's performance, I got 23MPG. When I drove it very conservatively, including a lot of coasting, I could squeeze out 28.
    I would appreciate any tips for maximizing the performance of the HAH, since one of the reasons for buying it was the $3.00+ price of gas. I don't believe gas is going to go down much in the short term and I predict $4.00 / gal not to far off.
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    Driving from Philly to Newark this week got 41.4mpg. Stayed with the flow of traffic for the most part. Yesterday, got 43 mpg on an 80 mile stretch on I-80 in central PA. I was pleasantly surprised. Wonder if poor results from others are related to driving style and low tire pressure. I had an Insight for 5 years and think the acquired driving technique helps.
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    Can anyone tell me how much "fun" their HAH is? Setting aside the nifty, gizmo stuff, and the MPG, is it enjoyable to drive? More enjoyable than a comparable Accord?
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017

    "Fun" is very subjective. If you mean faster acceleration, than the Accord Hybrid may be more "fun" in your mind. Otherwise, it is an Accord. They are all fine enjoyable vehicles.
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    Does it drive as well as a "normal" Accord? (I know it is not a Porsche)
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017

    It drives exactly the same as a "normal" Accord V6, except that the electric motor assist can give you faster acceleration if you floor the pedal.
  • adp3adp3 Member Posts: 446
    That's what I thought, but wasn't entirely certain. The Edmunds review is not glowing. I'm more interested in the Accord than the Prius (though I wish the Accord was a hatch).
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    The HAH looks impressive on paper but the real world MPG (my Honda dealer friend drives one and never has gotten over 30 mph) is a waste of engineering, weight and money. How can this car be getting 32 mpg average in gentle driving?
    the 42 mpg seems rare and the effect of 60 mph careful driving.

    I am not exaggerating to tell you my 270 hp TL gets 38 mpg at 65 mph over hundreds of miles. Even at 76 mph on the turnpike it gets 34 mpg with AC on!
    My mixed mostly highway commute at 60 mph (25 miles) yields 33 mpg over the entire week. This is measured and trip computer (close agreement).

    My point is, what is the point of so much engineering to yield such a small benefit.
    The Acura TL goes for about $30,500 right now and the hah is $29,000 with no sunroof. What are you really gaining here?

    Should the HAH get be able to get 35 average (yes) why not?

    I think a 2.4 l HAH would have been brilliant.

    Just trying to get some discussion going but the mpg advantage is not there.
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    I've just turned 400 miles, mostly I-95 commuting to Maimi. Today's return trip averaged 40.3 mpg on odmeter. First fill-up from dealer gave 32.5 combined highway/local. I have been very pleasantly surprised based on other postings. Got 36-37 at 72mph and the 40 at 69 mph.
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    My wife and I just got back home from our round-trip 120 miles to join a new home welcoming party at my wife's nephew's home in a "rural town" (undigitized area). I got 37 MPG easily (Sometimes 39). We enjoyed very much our quiet ride. At 8PM we left the "rual party". It was so dark outside like black ink. Luckily, our HAH's Navi took us home so nicely. No sweat and did not have to "perform extensive research on paper map" to find ways to return home from an unfamiliar remote town. Thanks to my lovely HAH and its superb NAVI. When we needed to get out of the "undigitized rural countryside little vilalge" my HAH's NAVI immediately came to our rescue. If I had drove my wife's "11 year old 215K miles super antique Accord" tonight to come to the party, we might have been still driving "everywhere" in the darkness now. My Goodness. Thanks to my HAH Navi.

    I can feel the smooth power of my HAH even though I have never driven it more than 80 MPH. But my 16 year old little son already did 100MPG "to beat an old and slow man" months ago.
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    So you have the majority of media sources reporting lousy HAH MPG that makes the HAH EPA figure look like a cruel joke!

    Then you have many Edmunds forum members boasting about MPG that is equivalent or above EPA!(though there are quite a few members who have mileage that confirms what is reported by the media)

    So who is saying the truth? Forum members reporting EPA figures or the media??

    Why is the media not picking up on what forum members are boasting about? Why are forum members not contacting various media sources and revealing to the world the wonderful MPG results they have achieved?

    The MPG results claimed by forum members will remain "Pie in the Sky Boasts" until they are properly verified by third party observers(newspapers, magazines, media websites).

    Up to now that has not happened? And my question is why?? :P
  • deweydewey Member Posts: 5,251

    sounds like you really love your wonderful NAVI system. Call me old fashioned but I was never lost using map books/folders in my car!
  • mistermemisterme Member Posts: 407
    When was the last time you saw the media report that 50, 60 and almost 70MPG is capable in an HCH, or the HAH/Insight capabilities?
    When was the last time you heard this even investigated?

    I've been beating EPA since Jan '04 and never been questioned. I can't speak for Wayne (xcel), Lakedude, Kenny or others but I'd bet they haven't either.

    The media is only interested on one side of the scale.
  • deweydewey Member Posts: 5,251
    The media is only interested on one side of the scale.

    The notion above is preposterous, unless ofcourse you live in a dictatorship and there is only one official media source.

    Maybe you can explain to me your "Media Conspiracy Theory Against the HAH"! Especially why is it that only disgruntled HAH owners manage to find a voice in the media and boastful HAH owners remain on mute mode!

    I can guarantee you that there would be many HAH owners contacting the media with proof of their wonderful mileage (if they were able to prove it)! I know I would!! Wouldn't you??
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    You guys have spent much time to argue about some "inflated MPG" that has never been claimed by Honda Inc or EPA. They claim the HAH MPG is 29 - 37. I got 38.5, sometimes 39 MPG on my fairly short trip on combined little jammed up highways and winding small roads at 65+ MPH (10% slow down on jammed highways) last night. When I got home, my MPG was 36.9.

    My sister in-law 's small Civic LX 2005 (about 100 HP) gets 37 - 38 MPG at the most. My HAH that glued on winding small roads in 100% darkness during last night trip gave me perfect satisfaction. Last night, the NAVI guided me home in complete darkness. I could not see or read any road signs at all. When I made wrong turns in darkness, the NAVI's lady sweet voice immediately asked me to make U turns to get back to the right direction. What can you guys ask for more?

    I am concerned about my wife and my little son who are going to drive long distances back and forth to his college campus next year. They will not get lost when they have this superb top-notched NAVI in their HAH. Some women do not have or do not care about their "sense of direction" including my wife so I have to prepare in advance.

    FYI, I met a nice lady who drove a big SUV Mercedes Benz (I forgot the model) Thursday night. I asked her if she likes her MB. She said she gets quite a few problems with her MB and pays a lot for gas. However, she said her MB is comfortable to drive. I had no comments.

    Conclusion: I am pretty much ready to buy a '06 HAH when I have to turn in this HAH's key to my son immediately when he gets accepted in a "prestigious college" in the next few months. Where are the gold mines? Please kindly advise. Thanks.
  • mistermemisterme Member Posts: 407
    Dewey, I apologize if I didn't communicate effectively in my last post.

    What I was asking is when was the last time you heard media reporting the capabilities of these cars?
    And yes, I have contacted several outlets, answering reporters inquiries on these boards and sending emails...never a single return. I've heard many of us did as well.
    There was someone (Billie) who was actually interviewed over on that green site but when the story came out it somehow got all twisted around to very negative.

    I'm not suggesting a collective, organized conspiracy per say, but I suppose the one sided media has something to do with ratings.
  • gagricegagrice Member Posts: 31,450
    I suppose the one sided media has something to do with ratings.

    I may be inclined to agree. It did seem to me when the Prius craze hit, all you saw in the media was how this was the technology of the future. Why do you suppose the flip flop. I would say it only took a few negative stories about the failure to meet the EPA ratings, and the media jumped on that. How many of the stories do you read that are original? Not many. They all use the same bad news and run with it. Good news has never sold as well as bad. Unless some celebrity was providing the incentive. I know several of you hypermilers get great mileage. Joe average buyer will never hear about it.

    CR did not do the hybrids or Prius any favors with their very low mileage results.
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    Why does the GPS computer differ from the odometer. On a 200 mile trip it was off 3 miles and showed 33.5 mpg vs 33.0 on the odometer. Is there a way to adjust the GPS computer?
  • dcrandalldcrandall Member Posts: 2
    Your GPS isn't is the odometer. Also, you will find that the odometer will change as tires wear or if you put a different size tires on the car. Your 1 1/2% error on the odometer is well within normal limits.
  • xcelxcel Member Posts: 1,025
    Hi Dewey:

    I don’t know about the media but I bet they have never shown you an AH’s TC - FCD screen after receiving one of their patented abysmal results they boast about all over the net?

    Here are a few screenshots of the 05 AH’s NAVI display in case you haven’t seen excellent results per the AH’s TC and History screens as experienced in early June of this year while driving to and from a meeting (#1 pic) and then back and forth to work the rest of the week (the rest) …

    Driving after the Attempt and to work ...

    Best segment from a hybrid or non-hybrid Accord yet?

    Hit the mark but with a 15 mph flying start <img class=" />

    Approaching the end of my week with the AH ...

    Just one more day to go <img class=" />

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
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    Those are Great screen shots. You are definately an experienced hybrid driver. I have received MPG ranging from 21 - 51, but it all depend son how I am driving my HAH. If I am in a hurry and take advantage of the 255 hp then I am going to get a lower MPG. If taking my time or on a road trip, then I get at least 37 MPG
  • vietviet Member Posts: 847
    Hi Mr. Gerdes:

    Please show us how you can achieve that great MPG. Thanks. Have a nice weekend.
  • xcelxcel Member Posts: 1,025
    Hi Viet:

    I just got back … Look at the screenshots and you will know where to find me ;)

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
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    Wayne, what are you getting at steady freeway speeds (65-75 mph)?
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