Softex Seats and XLE vs SE

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Looking to buy my first Rav4. Anyone have options about the Softex seats? Debating between a XLE and SE. SE only comes with the Softex seats and I've always has cloth. Not sure about them.

Biggest draw to SE is the fog lamps, smart key (push button start), and power liftgate. Anyone have an opinion?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I prefer cloth too, but it's hard to get in the higher trim levels on most any car. I guess if you don't like the synthetic leather (some of it is pretty nice), you could get some sheepskins or other covers.

    I upgraded my minivan a couple of years ago and it came with power sliding doors. They spoil you real fast and I'd use a power liftgate a lot. I don't care about the fogs, but I like smart keys.

    Get the SE. :)
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    Just purchased a 2017 hybrid limited with Softex faux leather. If you didn't know it was pleather it could pass for the real thing. I wanted seat heaters and that meant Softex. Personally I like it. Nice stitching which in my opinion looks upscale. Also the Softex seats felt more comfortable to me. Never had a power lift gate before .. I like it.
    Just filled up for the first time.. 360 miles and 9.2 gal. Quite impressive mpg.
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