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Ford Freestyle Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited March 2014 in Ford
Introduce yourself and get to know other Freestyle owners here.

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  • saramsaram Posts: 34
    My name is Sara. I live in Ohio and have had my SEL FreeStyle since mid March of 2005. Absolutely love it!
    Take care and looking forward to chatting with other FreeStyle owners! :)
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    Hello everyone:
    My name is Tim and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I purchased my Redfire Metallic Freestyle SE in early March and think this is the best car I've owned in my 33 years of driving. I chose the SE with Convenience Group and TC because of the price and it came with all the standard features I needed. I only wish it had a better stereo system.
  • cdndriver2cdndriver2 Posts: 36
    Hi, my name is Mark and live in Toronto, Canada. I purchased a white SEL Freestyle in May and enjoy it daily. I traded in my '02 Explorer XLT that I just loved and never let me down so I have high expectations. Expectations are being met ... plus I got a sunroof this time. :)
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Hi - I'm Carlos and live in Boone, NC. Bought ours on Memorial Day and have about 1,200 miles on it. Like the engine/cvt combo and the way it revs up on the downhills to maintain speed. Look forward to other owner comments.
  • dgulinodgulino Posts: 38
    Dan here. Bought a Redfire Metallic (can I get a job thinking up names for car colors -- how much does it pay?) SE a week ago yesterday (June 8). It sounds exactly like yours, Tim. We took it on our first extended drive yesterday, putting on just over 300 miles of mostly highway driving, and all I can say is, where have you been all my life?!

    The car seems the perfect blend of SUV, wagon, and minivan. I prefer the car-like, swinging rear doors like an SUV/wagon vs the sliding rear doors of van, I like the high seating position like an SUV/van vs the down-in-the-hole experience of most sedans/wagons, I like the huge amount of easily accessible (just fold down the seats) cargo room, and the ride and comfort are much more sedan/wagon-like than the more truck-like ride and noise that an SUV might give you.

    I continue to love the CVT. In spite of other comments I've seen claiming that it takes getting used to, I don't find that to be the case at all. It just feels like a very smooth-shifting automatic. Mileage on the first fill-up was about 24 in combined city/highway.

    When we bought, Ford was offering 0.0% financing for up to five years. We took it for five years (why would you ever not?).
  • sparcatsparcat Posts: 6
    Eric in Central New Jersey. We bought a gold AWD Ltd back in January. My wife and I are very happy with the car so far (6500 miles).

    We made one long trip to SC and the car was great to travel in, very comfortable to drive and entertaining (DVD) for the passengers. :)
  • willie19willie19 Posts: 139
    Hi Mark,
    This is Archie with greetings from sunny Chilliwack,B.C. Wonder why guys from HogTown would buy a vehicle with sunroof. I hear it's always raining out there and in the winter you get too much snow.Hehehe.
  • cdndriver2cdndriver2 Posts: 36
    Hi Archie.
    No no ... we do get nice weather here in Toronto for about three months (lol). Here we think you guys in BC get all the rain.
    How is your Freestyle? Nice, eh? I feel kind of concerned when I hear about some folks with those tranny problems. Mine runs just great so I'm hoping that it's just the odd one ( 1 in 500,000) thats failing.
    Oh .. I actually thought of you today when I put in a CD and the player gave me the artist and title. I'm wrong ... my SEL's radio has that capability to read the CD. It's just that I only have one CD that shows this (lol).
    Still cheesed off about the failed tire ... but will vent on Ford survey when it arrives.
    You got me beat on the number of cedars you packed in that other vehicle (Explorer) of yours ... :D
  • willie19willie19 Posts: 139
    Hey Mark:
    How ya doing? Yeah the Freestyle Ltd AWD runs great.It's the wife's car and i use every excuse to go buy a loaf of bread at the other end of town so i can rack up a few miles of enjoyable driving.The message center is kinda cool and i want her to learn how to get used to it and watch out for any warning signs.
    Not very comforting to hear about some unlucky people running into CVT problems.I checked this site for recalls,etc.Fortunately none so far except for a few TSBs which I take it being a fixable thing and most likely software related.....

    The only thing that bothers me is that forum members reported the dealers REPLACED the CVT , and that means more serious stuff as mechanical failure of the CVT.
    Although I'm guessing that some dealers are unfamiliar with the CVT, Ford is playing it safe to authorize a few replacements so they can analyse the problems and avoid a
    huge disastrous recall.

    BTW did you buy into extended service warranty? I didn't as the dealer quoted $2300 !!
    Guys down south are buying it around $700+ which isn't too bad.I think we can still buy it within the first year , not sure, haven't checked it out yet.
  • cdndriver2cdndriver2 Posts: 36
    Hey Archie,
    Thanks for the link. Looks like minor problems so far. Lots of theories on why Ford replaced the whole CVT on some problem vehicles. I have a couple.
    First , I have a brother who works at Ford Canada. He told me that Ford has very little tolerance with supplier quality issues. If there is a faulty part then Ford replaces it and returns the faulty part back to the supplier. So I can see the dealer wrap up the tranny and return to the supplier. This better not happen alot or you can imagine Ford's response.
    Second, the tranny is pretty simple, but if a software glitch caused overheating of fluids, etc. then Ford won't take a chance and replace the whole thing. Who knows.
    Regarding warranty ... I trade about every four years and am a low mileage guy so I don't really need extended warranty. My previous vehicle (2002 Explorer XLT) had ZERO problems in my four years of ownership and it was a new design. I expect the same with my SEL. :D
  • gemini50gemini50 Posts: 1
    I 'm leasing my freestyle. I've been leasing vehicle's for the last 15 years trying to find the right vehicle, which have all been Ford pickup's. I think I might have found the one that I'll keep, I really enjoy it. I did alot of research on the internet when I first heard about it, did a few road tests on different vehicle's. I tested out all the problems that people were writing about and couldn't figure out what they were talking about. I got my vehicle in Feb and I have a little over 5000 miles on it. It gets driven all the time. :) It still is taking a little getting used to the CVT, but I'm not listening for the change in gears as much. I still like pickups tho,especially for hauling big items I will probably get a used one for that when needed. :)
  • insmaninsman Posts: 1
    After 13 years of ownership with traditional 4X4 SUVs, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a crossover 2005 Norcea Blue Freestyle. So far, I have been quite pleased. The FS doesn't handle as well as my 2003 Explorer did (that independent rear suspension is hard to beat), but overall my gas mileage is far better than the V-8 in the Explorer with as much or more power.

    I love the CVT in my AWD model and the room is simply too much. I'm looking forward to discussing the Freestyle here.

  • cdndriver2cdndriver2 Posts: 36
    Welcome to the club!
    I owned a 2002 Explorer XLT (V6) before this FS so I know what you mean. My XLT was one classy vehicle and still looks good when I see one. But I followed you and went to a crossover. No regrets. My FS is a bit more comfortable to ride in and the gas prices up here make it the right way to go.

  • been_freebeen_free Posts: 2
    Hi my name is Jose.
    I'm from L A area. My wife & me just got the SEL (green platinum) less than 3 weeks ago. To test it (I just love FORD) we took it for a ride to Steamboat Springs CO. All I will say is... what a comfort, smoothness and pleasure is to be on the Freestyle.
    Plus before we leave. We did install a 12" Screen built in DVD/TV tuner, so the kids were happy all the way.
    So fa">r around 3000 miles and very HAPPY!!
  • Got our new Titanium Green Freestyle SEL two days ago. Primarily my wife's car but I have to admit...... the more I drive it the more I like it. That's saying alot for a guy who's considers himself a hardcore sports car guy. A couple of imperfections in the paint; will be bringing it to the dealers attention on first service. American quality?
    Will be taking it on a long driving vacation next week. Actually looking forward to driving the Freestyle (would prefer my RX7 but it won't fit the three of us). Much nicer to drive than her previous Dodge Caravan.
  • Everything is great, love it so far 3000km... Can't wait until winter to test out the AWD. Only problem I have so far is the 6CD/mp3 player is screwed, the dealer already tried to fix it once.... Has anybody else had problems with the 6CD Player? :)
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I haven't had any serious problems with mine, yet, but several others have reported problems. Look at the other Freestyle forums for more specifics. The typical fix is to have it replaced, but when they do there is a TSB that has been posted on one of the forums that you should take to the dealer. It's TSB # 05-10-19 and was posted by "spears2" as post #3705 in the Ford Freestyle forum. Good luck
  • Hello from the Canadian Prairies

    Picking up a Black AWD SEL later this week. Got the moonroof, 2nd-row bench (dealing with 2 car seats) and Cold weather group.

    I had been back and forth on a Dodge GC with Stow-N-Go (my head) and the Freestyle (my heart ... or at least the part that knows what our budget was). BTW - lurking on Edmumds for owner experience was a large part of this. Employee pricing pushed us to move on it now. Wife actually was ok with Freestyle (although not the Titanium green - less optioned one I had initially driven and had priced), so that clinched it.

  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Congratulations!! You'll appreciate your choice even more when the snows start falling on the Canadian prairies. People who have used it the AWD Freebies in snow rave about the handling. You might even leave the Trooper at home.
  • dblegldblegl Posts: 3
    I am experiencing skipping with my 6CD/MP3 player also. Since it never occurs at the same place on the CD it is not a defective CD. It started about 2 weeks ago. I am going to live with it to see if it worsens, if so-to the dealer we go.
    I am also dissapointed with the overall performance of the entire audio system. The sound feels like it is coming from the floor (which it nearly is) and the base does not seem to have any "resonance" or "presence". Considering the price of this vehicle it should have been much better.

    If you have 6 CD's in the changer and you want to play a new one you must remove one of the stored CD's and then store the new one. The Chrysler Pacifica has both the 6CD changer and a single CD player. A much better set up.
  • becca55becca55 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone! I'm Becca from Buffalo. Bought a white Freestyle SEL about 2 months ago. I had been a 15 year Jeep Grand Cherokee driver. I bought it because my big dog with bad legs had a hard time getting in and out of the Jeep. She has no problem getting in and out of the much lower Freestyle. I am also not happy with the sound system and the lack of adjustments to bass, treble etc. I'm thinking of replacing it but I'm not happy with that! Looking forward to seeing how the Freestyle handles in the snow.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    What do you mean by lack of adjustment to bass and treble? Do you just mean that the sound after adjustment is "lacking"?

    There is adjustment in the bass and treble. Also fade and balance.
  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    Hi, I'm Josh from Chattanooga, TN and my wife and I bought our blue (don't know the funny color name) SEL FWD about ten days ago. We had gone to the dealer to drive a Freestar to replace our '01 Windstar, but one drive of the Freestyle was all it took. So far I love the car - I just ordered the Class II hidden hitch and am going to put it on myself since only two bolts have to be fishwired. I'll let you guys know how it goes. I crawled up under the front last night and was thrilled that the oil filter was right next to the pan - I don't think I'll even have to jack up the front to change the oil.

    As for the funkiness in the CD changer setup, Ford has been that way with their changers since at least 2002 - my mother in law had an Explorer Sport Trac and it had the same setup. So far my CD/MP3 player is great, I even made a test CD with 200 MP3s and it plays them all fine.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    I have reviewed all the messages in this Freestyle Forum. It appears that MOST of the owners are happy with their vehicles. I am sitting on the fence and unable to decide if I should buy the Freestyle. I have a few questions:

    1) How is the "build" quality of this vehicle? Any rattles, squeaks or leaks in the first 60 days?

    2) The CVT is a new/untested transmission. Ford has been selling this vehicle for almost a year now. However, only a couple of folks have reported problems with the CVT. From my viewpoint, the reliability of the CVT is still an open question. Any thoughts on this?

  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    The "build" quality of my vehicle has been great. No quality problems at all with anything, yet in the 60 days I have had it. The only 2 things that have given me problems are getting used to the radio/cd player and the glare from the windshield.

    Since the CVT is a relatively new product for Ford I don't think you'll get any information on long term reliability. I wiill say that Ford has done an excellent job of matching the engine performance and CVT. They work great as a team to keep the Freestyle running smooth and with adequate power.
  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    After 900 miles, I can tell you that I love mine. It is as quiet on the freeway as my mother-in-law's Infiniti. I have no rattles (thus far) either. All in all, I can't believe they are not selling a lot more of them. We gave 24,795 for my SEL with leather and such, the A list prices made them too hard to pass up. I think the only things we didn't get were the DVD, AWD, Safety curtain, reverse sensor, 2nd row console and power seat/mirror memory. Limiteds were going for 28ish on the lot here but they only had black ones.

    The only complaint I have is, being tall, the "conversation" mirror blocks part of the rearview mirror when it is down. I have a three year old in the back, so that mirror comes in handy. Also, I'd kind of like for the second row captain's chairs to have armrests, but maybe I should just buy a second row console.......
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    If you haven't done so already, search the general "Freestyle" discussion for a fix to the rear view mirror to lower it so that it is not obstructed by the conversation mirror. It pivots in a couple of places and that brings it down some to reduce the obstruction.
  • magdadmagdad Posts: 21
    Man, that was a good suggestion! I ran right out and tried it and, unfortunately, I am so tall that the conversation mirror STILL obstructs about 30% of the rearview (I'm about 6'2"). :cry: I may monkey more with it later. Oh well, at least now my wife will be able to use it. :D
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    My wife and I are really happy with our Freestyle. We now have 12,000+ miles on it since buying it in Feb. We only have one baby, but we had a lot of visiting family over the past month, and took some road trips with every seat filled, luggage on the roof, and driving over the mountains in W. Virginia. We live in VA and were visiting family in OH. Zero problems with the car. We get about 24mpg hwy/20 city calculated manually.
  • jschreiberjschreiber Posts: 50
    Hi, J in just west of Minneapolis. Bought the AWD SE in December--has been a great vehicle--nice tight feel to drive with good control, good mileage (getting 23 in mixed driving), was wonderful in the snow, passengers say is comfortable. Well built. 9500 miles knock on wood no probs! Go for it!
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