2016 Toyota Tacoma Long-Term Road Test

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by Travis Langness, Automotive Editor

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  • desmoliciousdesmolicious Member Posts: 671
    Hmm. It seems that unless Chevy does something bizarrely wrong with the ZR2 Colorado, the Colorado will easily be the measure of the Tacoma. The only advantage the Taco has at the moment is the TRD package, and that advantage will soon disappear.
  • bohiobohio Member Posts: 59
    "I almost want to load up the bed with a bunch of sandbags just to get a better ride out of the Tacoma, even if it grenades the fuel economy." Considering the putrid fuel economy this truck has yielded in nearly a year of driving, I doubt that throwing sandbags in the bed will be much more of a detriment. So the truck has a crummy ride, gets poor gas mileage, and is decent offroad. Yet 90% of Tacoma owners will likely never take it off road. If the Honda Ridgeline didn't carry such a stigma (i.e. not a "real" truck), those 90% of Tacoma owners would likely be much better off with a Ridgeline.
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