known steering issues 2006 not recalled only offered warrant on one part

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I own a 2006 Chevy HHR. Have gone through several recalls with the vehicle.

Now have a seperate key for ignition and doors after last recall.

These cars as well as many other chevy models have known issues with the power steering systems.

All other vehicles were recalled however 2006 was not and only given a special warranty that covers one steering compononent when clearly there are and have been problems with all of the steering components in these cars.

Last Sunday I was driving and power steering went out (very unsafe.)

I had recieved a letter from GM a year before stating if this should happen take to the dealer and they were offering a special warranty on the parts.

However, as it turns out they are only offering a special warranty on the power steering motor, although they have replaced other parts by same maker on other recalled vehicles. I am told they have to replace the entire steering column at $1100 which includes the motor they have already acknowledged is faulty.

Clearly it has been noted there are power steering problem in all of the components in these and other vehicles yet the are making me pay out of pocket because they chose not to warranty all the defective parts.

Not Good business Chevy and defective power steering systems clearly pose a danger to the drivers of your vehicles.
I will no longer be buying GM!
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