Won't shift in cold weather.

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I bought a 2016 Outback new and don't recall any problem last winter. This winter as soon as it gets to 25 degrees or lower the transmission does not want to shift. It will run at 3000 RPM at 45 mph and after 5 highway miles finally get down to normal rpms. Spoke to the dealer's service man and he said it's normal. I have had many vehicles in my 70 years and never a problem like this.


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    Don't you just love it when the dealer says that is normal or they all do it. Like you I have had a number of different cars over my years and your transmission is not normal. I could see it not shifting for a short period of time when it is very cold but not nearly this long. How does the dealer explain that last year the vehicle was shifting ok? I guess you should go higher up the ladder at the dealer and see the general manager or above.

    Two months ago I bought a new Forester XT with the tech package. It has been very cold here and it shifts fine after a little warm up. So far great vehicle.
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