Santa Fe 2013 question - keyfob/security system issue

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I have a 2013 Santa Fe Sport. My security system or keyfob are having a problem. Sometimes my car will lock, unlock, flash lights, etc. continuously when I stop and get out of the car. When I get back in the car, it stops doing it. Today, when I got out of the car, it locked on its own and I can't get the key fob to unlock it. The car isn't responding at all. Do you think it's my keyfob or something wrong with the security system?


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    If you haven't already fixed this - I'd start with the simplest thing to do, replace the key fob battery, (make sure the new one is fresh) - along with that easy process I'd try the 2nd key fob, (also, with a new battery) - all the while keeping them away from each other AND the car, -meaning Physically away-, out of range -of the vehicle and each other AND the car.
    There is a slim chance that some sort of electrical interference could cause this to occur – If it happened after the installation of a new electrical device in the vehicle- such as a aftermarket charger for portable devices, or some such other device. I’d also check the cars battery and its connections, a poor connection there could cause interference and sporadic current flow. Barring these few items, it’s off to the Hyundai dealership- they’ll have the necessary and proper tools to diagnose this, hopefully. Hope this helps ….
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    Do you have more than one key fob? If so, pull the battery from the one you usually use, then wait a couple minutes and try to access the car with the other fob.
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    Hello. I am currently having this same problem with my 2013 Santa Fe and am curious what the fix for this was?

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