Drive Line Service. Is this really necessary? Anybody??

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Ok so I took my 2013 RAV4 to its 45k service maintenance. The service guy said I need a Drive Line Service which is every 30k. Thing is, how come this was never brought up when I came for my 30k, 35k, or 40k Service maintenance? I don't think this even in the maintenance manual.

I'm asking because 2 years ago one of their service rep said something was wrong with my RAV4 and provided me with a copy-pasted pictures and info from Google. It's something around $660. I spoke to my brother and he said another service rep tried to scare him 6 years ago about some $$$$ problem and to this day, those problems we're never found. And the $660 issue he told me? Not found.

Come to think of it, seems each time my service maintenance is only $40 is when they come up with a must-do costly item!! Am I being played here again?

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