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Ford Freestyle Real World MPG

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
Share your Freestyle's actual MPG with other owners here.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

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  • northlakesnorthlakes Posts: 368
    I have an AWD SEL Freestyle. With 1000 miles on the odometer, I took a 750 mile trip to rescue a college bound child. 26 MPG highway on the way out. The return 750 miles was 24.9 MPG with a full load from a dorm room and bike on the back. My city mileage began at about 15 MPG, but moved up to 17 - 19 MPG. My combined mileage (city/hwy) is in the 21-22 MPG range. I was really pleased with the highway mileage. My Freebie now has about 2900 miles on it. :shades:
  • kjnormankjnorman Posts: 243
    Our trip computer is currently telling us that we get about 19 MPG. The car is mostly driven around town by my wife with several freeway (45 mile) trips driven by me.

    We currently have 1300 miles on the car.
  • aplanaplan Posts: 2
    I have an AWD which is EPA rated at 19 city and 24 hwy.

    I currently get 17 city and 22 hwy. These are actual numbers; the onboard computer numbers overstate the city mileage and understate the hwy mileage.

    I have 2600 miles on the car so I expect my mileage to increase slightly as time goes by.
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    7,500 miles, 22-23 mpg highway on a 2k round trip vacation, fully loaded, 80-85 mph, with a heavy foot. Limited AWD. Closest I have ever acheived to EPA, and I'm sure that 25 - 26 mpg would be easy to get with a light load and driving at posted speeds.
  • We started (computer) at around 17; now up to 20. Though that is good, it almost seems as if I can watch that gas gauge go down. I just set the trip computer on this tank of gas to get an idea of just how many miles per tank we get, then I'll do an actual guestimate on that.
  • dgulinodgulino Posts: 38
    Just finished a 1500 mile trip in our FWD SE, which gives it a total of 3000 miles, so it's time for it's first oil change. The trip was about 90% highway driving, and we averaged about 27-28 mpg. Yes, it seems that the gas gauge moves steadily down, but I still managed over 400 miles on a single tank of gas on the last leg of the trip. At the end of the 400 miles, the gauge was halfway between 1/4 and empty.
  • cep1cep1 Posts: 11
    Just returned from a trip to Florida from Cleveland Ohio.I reset the computer when I left . Averaged 26.6 mph for the trip . 2 kids wife and myself + all the crap the wife thought she would need for a 10 day trip . All in all very happy
  • waltr1waltr1 Posts: 1
    I have 3,200 miles on my Limited AWD and have averaged about 18.5 m.p.g. with the old miles divided by gallons method. The computer in the vehicle seems to be just a bit optimistic (about 1/2 - 1 m.p.g.) I like this crossover a lot. It is very versatile for cargo and seating.
  • bigred13bigred13 Posts: 25
    We're on our 2nd tank of gas with about 500 miles so far, and we're averaging about 18-20 both with the on board computer and manual measurements. We're going on a long trip from Boston to Ontario, Canada in about 3 weeks. We're hoping for better mileage. One of the reasons that we chose the Freestyle was because of the supposed better fuel economy. We'll let you know when we get back.

    Also, on a related topic, we were scared to death to have to fill the gas tank for the first time. (we took delivery from the dealer with a full tank) Especially with the prices of late. It was a moral victory that it stopped @ $39 and didn't make the $40 mark. Trying to get used to the jump from a 12 gallon tank to a 19 gallon tank.
  • sjl10sjl10 Posts: 1
    I have checked my gas mileage on almost every tank since purchasing my Limited AWD in November. I used the calculater method enough to know how to adjust the computer MPG. I also drive to maximize fuel economey. Local driving is consistantly about 21.5 MPG in heavly traveled suburban roads. On the highway 23 MPG to 24 MPG seems to be about as high as I can achieve.
  • heddenhedden Posts: 28
    Just got my SEL Fwd. Two highway trips: first was 80 miles between similar elevations (795 ft to 816 ft) and I reset the mpg computer while on the interstate. Drove around 65-70 mph and was getting a consistent 30 mpg reading. After I left the highway and got to my destination, it was down to 29.5 mpg.

    Second trip was 200 miles going down from 816 ft to 11 ft. Reset the mpg computer at the gas station in town to get a more accurate round-trip number. Drove a little faster, 70-80 mph most of the way. Final number was 26.5 mpg.

    I'll reset the computer during the week while the wife drives it around town and report back for a city number.
  • nitromaxnitromax Posts: 641
    I just had a trip of about 150 miles over the weekend. Add to that some mixed city driving onthe same tank and my curent consumption is 23.4 mpg.
    Only about 1000 miles on the car so I'm expecting the mileage to get a little better.

    Some tanks do all city driving and during those times I'm seeing about 18 mpg average.
  • brantybranty Posts: 53
    Just returned from a trip Toronto - Montreal return (650 miles) and our mileage was 25 (calculated manually). Have not filled up again yet but the computer said the return trip was 26 mpg. Used the cruise control most of the way (set at about 110 kph - 68 mph). We now have about 9,300 miles on our Freestyle. Wonderfully comfortable vehicle on a long trip!
  • jackiefjackief Posts: 10
    I'm on my 3rd tank of gas and reset the MPG after picking up the car (around 30 miles). I am now at ~700 miles and at 20.1 mpg. about 60% of my driving is highway and rest mostly back roads (30-40mph) some city (stop and go). I am doing a drive this weekend around 125mi each way plus local driving there, will reset the gauge before the trip to get an all highway #.

    I traded in a 99 volvo v70 xc and was getting about 22 per tank in the summer and I'm happy that I am within 2 mpg of that. I expect the number to go up a bit as the car breaks in.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I've got this car for it's fuel economy. So far I have 1100 miles on it all made in a weekend trip LA to Sacramento to San Francisco and back. As you can see most of it is highway. I AM SCARED! We took it from the dealewr with 37 miles and the computer read 8.6 MPG. I averaged one wat about 20 MPG driving between 65 and 105 Mph - mostly arownd 70. We are now back and the computer reads 19.3 MPG. Is it ever going to go better?
  • We took a 500 mile trip on state highways and averaged 28.7 in our SE FWD.

    Obviously we drove a little slower on those 2 lane roads than we would on big expressways, but we are really pleased!

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I just did a weekend trip from VA to OH and back. I was getting about 26mpg highway 70mph w/o A/C. With the A/C I get about 24mpg highway & about 20mpg city.
  • I've got this car for it's fuel economy. So far I have 1100 miles on it all made in a weekend trip LA to Sacramento to San Francisco and back. As you can see most of it is highway. I AM SCARED! We took it from the dealewr with 37 miles and the computer read 8.6 MPG. I averaged one wat about 20 MPG driving between 65 and 105 Mph - mostly arownd 70. We are now back and the computer reads 19.3 MPG. Is it ever going to go better?

    While playing with the computer, I've gotten 4 mpg while idling at a stop light right after resetting it and I've gotten 80 mpg while going down a hill with my foot off the gas after resetting.

    Reset the computer and you should see a difference.
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    I reset my computer a few times. It's funny! I did it in a parking lot and you can see instant readings for a few seconds or minutes. Standing still is telling you 0 MPG. Which it is right. I did reset it on the highway driving 65 and the reading was 28.9 to 30. After driving aggressively the average dropped to 24.
    Finishing a short trip from the airport on city streets brought the average back to 19.
  • I get about 19 when I drive strictly in the city too. Mixed I'm getting around 21-22. Only 1600 miles on it so far though.
  • I have gotten 24 mpg during last two refills. I drive a 50/50 mix of city and highway. I have 3400 miles on car.
  • Stupid Q. I'm assuming that you folks are using regular gas (87) when posting the MPG information.
  • I've had two highway trips that I have tracked mileage accurately: the first, with 800 km on FWD Se, delivered 28.2 miles per imperial (Canadian) gallon. The second, at about 6,500 km, delivered 31.9 miles per imperial gallon. These trips were made with five adults and a large dog and needles to say, with the price of gas in Canada now, (about $5.45/ Imp gal. or $4.54/ US gal), I am happy with it so far and hope it keeps on improving!
  • "with the price of gas in Canada now, (about $5.45/ Imp gal. or $4.54/ US gal), "

    Are these prices Canadian dollars or U.S.?
    What part of Canada are you in?
    How much are you paying per litre?
  • Just completed a roundtrip from Dallas to eastern Ohio and West Virginia. Total of about 2,700 miles. Probably 85% interstate with the remainder on hilly, curvey secondary roads in the mountains of WV. Average mpg for the trip was 24.3 with a high of 26.6 mpg and a low of 20.6 mpg. My current mileage is just under 11K miles.

    I think the one easy thing that improves mileage is to use cruise control whenever possible. I set my speed at 70-75 mph and the Freestyle purrs along at about 2,000rpm consistently except for the occasional need for hill climbing power.

    The Freestyle is a very comfortable travel car and has lots of cargo space. We're very happy with ours :)
  • Not sure where "davidgolf" is from but in in Toronto gas went up to $1.35 per litre (Canadian) following Katrina but today regular gas is back down to 99.6 cents/litre. At these prices it costs about $10 more to fill the tank than it did before Katrina. Glad we only have to put regular gas in our Freestyle. We've been getting about 21 mpg (city) and 27 mpg (hwy) which I am not going to complain about. It is about the same mileage as out Mazda 626 (V6) - which uses premium gas!
  • I am in Nova Scotia, Canada and the price of regular went up to $1.40/litre, Canadian, just after Katrina. It is now about $1.15/litre, Canadian. I use cruise as much as I can on the highway and keep to the speed limit, 100 kph or 110 kph. I live in Cape Breton and the terrain is rolling hills with some steep inclines. I figure the higher the price, the closer to the legal limit I will drive, an extra 15 minutes on a trip of 300 km is no big deal.
  • Thanks davidgolf. By the way, how late into the season can one play golf on Cape Breton?
  • vicenacvicenac Posts: 229
    How do you guys get these numbers? I keep reading of people getting amazing MPG and keep waiting for mine to get to those numbers.
    My FWD FS has 1700 miles now, and we still get 14 MPG city and 19-22 freeway.
    Can this huge difference from your numbers be caused by driving style?
    I am beginning to think that I've got a bad one. It is noisy (think jetliner hum), hungry and sways in turns quite a lot.
  • Easy to explain. Some people's "city" driving includes a lot of hwy. style driving. Other people's "city" driving is all stop-and-go. Makes for a huge difference in MPG. Take your Freebie on the highway about 60-70mph and "zero out" it's MPG calculator in the message center. See if it doesn't say something around 26-29 MPG after a few miles.

    "sways in turns quite a lot."

    I doubt it. This isn't a Ferrari you know.
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