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2017 Toyota Prius Prices Paid

steverstever Posts: 52,683
edited December 2016 in Toyota
Shopping for a 2017 Prius? Please ask your questions here and report on quotes and deals.


  • Anyone recently purchase one in CA? I hear they have some manufacturer rebates up to 2k so curious what kind of deals are out there this time of year. I'm looking for a 4 without ATP.
  • honda888, Not sure if it applies to the whole state but in the Bay Area manufacturer rebates on the 2017 Prius = $2500, however, you'll have to accept 3.9%APR if you take that option. The alternative (assuming top tier credit) is 0%APR but no rebate.
  • byron99byron99 Posts: 3
    Has anyone purchased a Prius Prime in the SouthEast? What kind of deal did you get and what incentives are available? Thank you!
  • jarkjark Posts: 50
    Offer for 2017 prius 2 2017. With my employer discount and rebate. Is this just a typical deal for a Prius this late in the year? In socal.

    Msrp 25805
    Sale price 20789
    Fees 377.75
    Taxes 2115.38
    Total OTD 23282.13
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