Chrysler 300M MPG Real World Numbers


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    My 99 will be 7 years old in July. I have averaged, virtually since delivery, about 20.0 mpg on my 11 mile commute to work and back, generally running 55 mph with about a half dozen stop lights on the route. On the highway, running about 65-70 the best I have done is 27 mpg. Just did a 800 mile trip last week and did a little over 27. Worst I ever got was about 19 on a stop and go tankful. :shades:
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    I just glanced at my trip computer today on my 15 mon old 04 M with 12,100 miles on it.
    We were averaging 19 mpg over the last 500 miles of mostly in town Minnesota summer driving.
    The *best* I ever got at 70 cruise mph no wind no AC no stops was 28, but typical freeway slightly above 70 with AC is closer to 26. Mileage is better around 60mph but to be honest it is hard to drive that slow for long.

    We are still very happy with this car, still NO warranty claims in 15 months!! Highest quality of any new vehicle we've ever purchased (mostly GM and Chrysler minivans & Jeep in the past 30 years). I view for the power this beast has, this mileage is very acceptable too.
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    The best mileage I've gotten in my Special from day one is about 23MPG on the highway. I get around 20MPG around town. I must be a super leadfoot or something. I just can't see how some of you guys are getting mid-twenties+ mileage. In fact, I get better mileage in my '05 Mustang GT than I do in my Special. That's a shame.
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    With my '99 M. 40 miles/day commute, some highway some local. On the highway I would get high 20s, usually averaging 70-75mph.

    I'm getting about 10% better mpg in my '05 TL with almost 10% more HP! TL does have a 5speed auto vs. 4 speed in my M.

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); ??? (Ours?)

  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    I suspect it might be differences in terrain and the gas mix. I honestly can get 26 mph on the freeway w/o really trying (I will check it on the next highway trip but it may be a while as this weekend we'll put 1000 mi on our Gr Cherokee as we need to haul some things to my daughter's in Madison, Wi ... trust me the 300M would be MUCH more comfortable to put that many miles on than the Jeep despite leather etc).
    Of course MN and WI are pretty flat except for the climb out of the Mississippi valley by Lacrosse, so most of my 300M miles are on pretty flat terrain. I never go more than 5 mph over the limit (well, I may have a few times passing etc, but usually not). And MN 89 octane gas is a 10-15% ethanol mix, which I am sure there are plenty of opinions and theories around if that is better or worse for the mpg.
    Other than that, I don't know why this loaded standard 300M would be much different than a Special with 5 hp more.
    PS-We have one spot in SE MN selling 89 at the same price as 87 octane, currently 2.17 before I am sure a July 4 increase. Minneapolis last weekend was at low as 2.07 near the refinery. The lowest I have seen was in late May at 1.87, so every mpg does count !
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    I just returned from a 600-mile trip in my 2000 300M and got a combined 31 MPG while running the A/C. I drive 42 roundtrip miles for work thru a dozen traffic lights and routinely average 24-26 MPG.
  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    Hmmm, seems kinda strange there has been only one other post on this forum in 11 months since I replied in June 05 #6, does this imply 300M drivers don't care about mpg? Kinda sad 11 months ago MN gas was $2.07, heck last Feb 06 it was that price too. Now we are happy it dropped over the past few weeks from $2.89 to 2.71, right before Memorial Day too.

    Anyway, my family just took our longest road trip in 5 years and definitely longest on our 26 mon old 2004 300M w/~23,000 ODO miles going from SE MN to Washington DC via weekend stops each way in Dayton OH. Around 2300 of the miles were 65-75mph freeway miles but the average for all 2600 was exactly 25mpg! We were as high as 26.8 the first day out 10.5 hr & 705 miles to Dayton with a cool tail wind. I was impressed we did as well going over the mountains, which was the only spot I bothered to fill with 89 octane. FYI gas prices in mid May 06 varied between a high of $3.07 in Annapolis to a low of $2.55 in Dayton. The best news is we had no car problems and no accidents despite being caught up in the huge weekend clog on I94 near the WI Dells, unfortunately a trucker lost his life on that one due to getting swiped by a car driving too fast & losing control.

    Still loving this 300M!
  • redcar4redcar4 Member Posts: 2
    I think it's possible to get pretty good mpg out of these babies. I usually average 25 around town and recently my 2000 has cruised me from dc to fla and back a couple times and managed between 27 and 31 depending on speed and a/c use. Which, by the way, just quit on me! Anybody know what the leaking 134a problem is??
    Otherwise, what an awesome machine.
  • funroadsfunroads Member Posts: 49
    Ouch! I average just under 19 mpg in my 2001 300M. I have a 20 minute daily commute and do very little extended highway driving. When gas is pushing $3 that's painful and it makes me want to dump the M. Right now with gas near $2 it's not so bad.
  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    19 stop & go mpg is not that bad, we get that around town too. This is a big engine and fairly heavy car. I get around 25 mpg during highway extended driving ... sometimes a bit more if no AC and the wind is behind us, but sometimes less if we are pushing it over 70+ mph. And yes it's nice being closer to $2.20/gal now too.
  • udo4acceptudo4accept Member Posts: 2
    i get 23 - 28 MPG in my 99 300. i have loved this car since day one and still love it as much today. this is by far the best car i've ever owned!
  • jayriderjayrider Member Posts: 3,602
    How many miles do you have on your M ?
  • quietflyerquietflyer Member Posts: 33
    I get between 24 and 26 MPG on my '99 300M in mostly highway driving. I commute 80 miles a day mostly on the interstate with maybe 7 miles of that on side roads with some stop lights. My 300M currently has 132,000 miles. I use regular gas as I have found no advantage to using higher octane gas. I bought the car 3 1/2 years ago with 38,000 miles on it. I always check the gas mileage when I fill up because I have found the MPG average on the display to be about 0.4 MPG optimistic. I keep a record of all fill ups and will total that up to get my mileage over the time I have owned the car. I will post that when I do.
  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    For completeness since this forum seems to have gained some interest again, on a 200 mile freeway trip this weekend on my 04M with 32,000 miles I got 27mpg through fairly flat western Wisconsin I90 doing 70mph (don't like to go more than 5mph over posted even though many are doing much faster and it is tempting with this car!). That is about best case: no wind, 55deg, no AC obviously, cruise on, 2 people in car with maybe another 150 lbs luggage, reg 87 octane gas.

    Upping the mph a bit in MN with hills and higher limits cut it to 25mpg which is what is normal. Around town commuting at 19+. Still not bad for a big car with oomph.
  • stu7stu7 Member Posts: 2
    I have had mine for five years and get 20 MPG in the city and have gotten 30 MPG on the highway (at 60 MPH). I use 87 octane and the car runs fine.
  • quietflyerquietflyer Member Posts: 33
    Sorry to take so long to get back to this. I finally totaled up all my fuel purchases and mileage. I now have 140,900 miles on my '99 300M. Adding up all the fuel I've pumped I calculated 24.79 MPG for the 102,000 miles I have driven. I am still using regular 87 octane gas. I don't drive hard but do stay with traffic at 70 or higher.
  • richb64richb64 Member Posts: 2
    I normally keep track of mileage by filling up the tank and dividing the number of miles (using the trip odometer) by the gallons of gas purchased. I've noticed that this is normally 2-3 MPG better than what the onboard computer has calculated.
  • naatz1naatz1 Member Posts: 188
    I checked mine on a trip 2 weeks ago and saw the same: computer said 24.5 mpg average for 200+ miles but the odometer and fuel fill showed 26. At least reality is BETTER than the computer.
    For what it's worth, I just got 27.9 on the same Madison WI to Rochester MN return trip this past Sunday ... 70mph in WI and 75 in MN, minimal use of AC, 4 adults but a -fully- packed trunk. I am very happy with that in this size of vehicle and engine.
  • 02owner02owner Member Posts: 34
    About 22 mpg in mixed driving.
  • gabedgabed Member Posts: 1
    I drive a 2000 300m to and from school and work ( both within 6 miles of my house), any ways, I've found that I fill up my tank at least every 4-5 days, and I use regular 87 gas. The on board computer is registering my mpg at about 16 mpg.
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