Yukon xl Denali random stall, no codes

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Hello, I have been all over the internet and have seen many dozens of posts on the exact same problem with the series of vehicles like my 07 Yukon xl denali. The problem being that they run fine, and then out of nowhere, often while turning, (frequently I have noted many saying while turning left) the engine just stops so I lose power, power steering, and power braking. Beyond dangerous. And I, like hundreds more, took it to the gmc dealer where they say, the car starts right up and runs perfect with no codes so we can't do anything. How can I possibly let my wife drive my kids around and on long trips in this ticking time bomb? How can gm not have a solution to such a huge, prolific, and very likely deadly problem? I've had this used vehicle 3 months, now 105000 miles, and I'm guessing I know why the previous owner sold it. I'm a firefighter, and in just chatting with guys I work with I already found 3 others the same thing happened too, and none of then got a solution from gmc either! That's not a big cross section.
What can I possibly do? I can't use the car anymore since it might die and get my family in an accident. Would you put your kids in it?


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    Were you able to get an resolution to this problem? I have a 2016 GMC Yukon XL that this has started to happen with recently. I have around 80K on the SUV and this is ridiculously scary! It cut off on me and completely stalled while I was in a fast food drive thru while turning left. The steering wheel locks and the only thing I can do is brake, wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop, put it in park and restart it. I cant imagine if this happens in the middle of an intersection making a left turn with oncoming traffic! The dealer is saying the can't duplicate it and they are not receiving any codes so they cant do anything.. this is mind blowing!
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