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330i GT Trunk opening by itself

boca_bukbukboca_bukbuk Member Posts: 9
edited December 2016 in BMW
I just finished a lease on a 2014 328i Gran Turismo and have entered into a new lease for a 2017 330i Gran Turismo. Absolutely loved the 2014 and had no issues whatsoever.

In the 2 months that I have been in possession of the 2017 model, the trunk has mysteriously opened by itself twice. The vehicle went into service on Monday, and was returned today (Friday). They were unable to duplicate the issue. They did however update the vehicle software.

Please don't suggest that I might be activating the trunk opening accidentally with the key fob in my pocket. This is the exact same model as my 2014 (with the exception of any model changes) with the exact same options, and I never had this issue with the 2014. Also, I keep my fob in its own sleeve in my leather messenger bag.

The first incident happened at my home in Massachusetts, and the second happened outside my acupuncturists office in Florida. I am a tad bit OCD and even wait for the garage door to close completely before entering the house, so pretty sure that I haven't changed my routine .

Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.
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