Bought new FWD Acura MDX 2017 - Question on additional accessories/extended warranty

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Signed up for new Acura MDX 2017 FWD.

>> Dealer says No spare tire comes it.

Is that the case for all new 2017 MDXes FWD?? I had a tire blowout with my 2nd car recently, so do not want to take a risk and want to have a spare tire in the car. Cost of buying a spare tire is $700!! I am assuming this is not dealer specific but just wanted to see what others experienced.

>> Also is it useful to get extended warranty from the dealer? Costs about $2100 for 7 years/70k miles and they return 50% if we don't use it/ (so this extends the default 4 year warranty by 3 years). I am thinking it is a No but wanted to see if anyone went for it and any compelling reason it is worth the price.


  • craigmurphycraigmurphy Member Posts: 1
    I would not buy the spare tire. There is a kit in the back under the cargo hold that contains slime and a compressor to fill up a normal flat. Won't help with a blow out though. I am 70 years old and do a lot of driving. Only experienced one blowout many years ago. I would just take my chances. As far as the extended warranty, I know that most consumer groups recommend NOT buying. Craig Murphy
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    They gave us the extended warranty for 1200$. You can negotiate with them on the price of it. Good luck!
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