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2007 Ford Everest/Expedition

navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
edited March 2014 in Ford
The Ford Everest is going to become the biggest SUV in Ford's lineup, bigger than the current Expedition. It will replace the slow selling Excursion. This SUV comes at a critical time when GM is in the process of redesigning all it's full-size SUVs and pickups.

This will be Ford's answer to the redesigned GMC Yukon XL and Chevrolet Suburban.

It is essentially supposed to be an extended length Expedition, and it's supposed to look like the F-150 up front.

Power is rumoured to come from the 5.4L 300hp Triton V8.

Interesting however is the fact that Ford already sells a 7 passenger SUV called the Everest in Southeastern Asia. The vehicle is based on the Ranger platform. However, the same vehicle is sold in India under the Endeavour name.

Anyone know anything else about the Ford Everest? Check out the link for more info.


  • chris65amgchris65amg Posts: 372
    I really don't know a hill of beans about the new Everest, but the Suburban and its spinoffs are actually pretty competant as full-size SUV's. Ford better make it good, because there are people who won't be easily drawn away from the Suburban.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Inside Line has spyshots of the Ford Everest, the Excursion's replacement.

    This SUV is coming at a bad time for Ford. Gas prices are through the roof. Same for GM, which has the most market share of the Pickup/Fullsize SUV segments.
  • Agree with you. Ford has been talking about taking on Suburban for years but has not succeeded. What happened to the Excursion? Mediocre reliability and dismal resale will kill any car no matter how big.
  • Any thoughts on when we will see official infomation/photos on the updated Expedition and or the new extended version. I have heard it called Expedition Max, Expedition XL or Everest.

    We will be in the market this next year (earlier the better), but do not want to make a choice until I can see Ford's offering.

    Any info at all would be great. I have looked at the spyshots, but so far all I can see is ones with camo on them. Are there any out there yet from Ford?

    Also concerned about engine sizes available as we do tow (boat and/or travel trailer). Also trying to find out anything that is known about transmissions that may be offered (how many speed, etc.)

    Thanks to any and all that may be able to help!

    We have been Ford owners in the past and had good experience with them, but the differences now between what the new GMC is going to offer could be significant. It looks like the only large issue for GMC is going to be still not having Independent Rear Suspension, but not sure that is enough to rule it out.
  • I sure hope the towing capacity meets or exceeds the 10K+ of my Excursions. Sure don't want an other MFG.

    Curious what IRS will do to towing capabilities!

    ... & the V-10, I have had such great luck with the four I have owned.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    are starting to come back down, so maybe the market for full sized SUVs will come back.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Well, GM better hope the market comes back, because they've got a lot riding on their new SUVs and trucks. To their credit however, the Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade all look great and offer good fuel economy too, so hopefully that will help them out.

    But the Escalade is really outstanding. 403hp! 6 speed transmission! 22" rims!
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    is that it won't be called "Everest."

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Huh, wonder what new name they'll give it?


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  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    The Ford Explosion? :D

    Hey, you never know what can happen in those naming departments nowadays...
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    I heard it would be called the Expedition EL, or L, something like that.

    A stretched Navigator based on this new vehicle will also come out at the same time, which I last heard at being fall 2006.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080

    It looks great! The headlights are pretty sharp and resemble the Ford Edge a bit.

    However, I'm not sure only 300hp is good enough. 350 sounds more like it. The new Suburban and Yukon are going to be tough to beat for Ford.
  • At least the Expedition will have the transmission advantage over the Tahoe/Suburban (even though that probably will not last long). If it would fit, I think offering the 3V V10 in the EL version could make it very competitive with the Suburban. Also, the new diesel for the F-150 will probably make its way into the Expedition. One thing that bothered me about the '07 Expedition was the quality of the interior materials. A close-up shot in one of the photos revealed what looked like ungrained, hard plastic on the dash. Granted that these are only pre-production shots, I think the gorgeous interior of the new Tahoe/Suburban will have the edge.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Why dont we rename this discussion from Everest to 2007 Ford Expedition. We can discuss both the regular Expedition and the EL models here.

  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Info from the Ford site on the 2007 Expedition. The interior looks fabulous.

    Can we rename this discussion to 2007 Ford Expedition now?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Both names have been included for those members searching for "everest" as well.


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  • The order accept date is currently tageted for 4/17/06 for the '07 Expedition EL.
    The Job 1 Date is currently set for 7/19/06.
    That means the first vehicles off the line should reach customers early to mid-August. :)
  • neo6neo6 Posts: 24
    saw the short model of the expedition last night at the new car show. okay but not as nice as i expected based on the publicity photos. They have taken the other extreme from GM who has rounded off every corner of the Yukon to where it is shapeless with no personality. seems like ford has tried to create edges and corners where they just don't seem to work. for example, the hood seems way to aggressive and more truck like than SUV. A little thing but the taillights which looked very nice and smooth on the current model now slightly protrude an inch or so off the back and really interrupt the shape. i think it will either be you love it or feel as i do that it's just okay. unfortunately neither ford or gm have come out with a new exterior design that is awe inspiring. i did see a new 2007 Yukon last night as well and the interior of those will beat the ford hands down.
  • frizz2112frizz2112 Posts: 84
    I haven't seen either the new Yukon interior or the new Expedition interior in person, so I'll withhold judgment about material quality etc. until I do. However, one thing that strikes me is that the Yukon interior, while nice, seems like it would be right at home in a Camry. The Expedition looks like someone actually took into account the the type of vehicle the Expedition is, and designed an interior that's appropriate. It seems much more customized to me, while the Yukon interior seems generic. Assuming similar levels of quality in that materials, I'd say the Expedition interior wins hands down.

    By the way, has anyone heard anything about possible engine upgrades for the Expedition coming any time soon? The car mags will murder the Expedition for only having 300HP regardless of whether it is necessary or not.
  • I really hope Ford gets there things together and actually give this SUV more power. I own a 99 Expedition with a 4.6L V-8 and I feel like my truck has better acceleration and power than this 5.4L 3V V-8 has. I work at a Ford dealer and some of my customers have said the same thing. I also hope Ford finds a way to fit a Powerstroke diesel into this truck.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    I was hoping to find pictures of the next Expedition, and was pretty surprised to find them. I really like the styling, it has a lot of "bling" now. If only Ford had a better engine to put in it. The interior is just as good as that of the Tahoe/Yukon.

    On a sidenote - Host can you please change this discussion name to only Ford Expedition, not Everest?It is pretty clear that the Everest name wont be used.
  • dtd07dtd07 Posts: 19
    looks like there is an option of engins other than the 5.4L there might be a 4.5L V8 Diesel Engine and a 4.6L V8 Gas-Electric Hybrid.
    Take at the link below. I hope this is true. :D
    Lets see what happens, can't wait.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 5,716
    Wish they would lose the two-tone color scheme that is standard on everything except the Limited. It looks tacky.
  • dhhdhh Posts: 5
    In the build & price link mentioned above, the diesel and hybrid options are not actually available, they're just there to research how many people would actually want them. So you're effectively voting for what options Ford would offer in the future. There was an article in Autoweek recently that said the diesel won't be available until 2010. Personally, I'm amazed that it took Ford this long to see this trend coming, and also that it's going to take them that long to get it into production. Sigh.
  • bcweirbcweir Posts: 1
    What, Ford doesn't DRUG TEST their truck designers anymore? The 2007 Expedition makes the previous model AND the NEW GM SUV's look like beauty contestants by comparison!

    If Ford's recovery is riding on vehicles like the 2007 Expedition to save it, I hope the Ford Motor Company ship brought plenty of lifeboats, because there's a HUGE iceberg named Toyota is coming right at it.

    Hope you Ford fans can swim.
  • taz16taz16 Posts: 29
    Im with you bcweir, look at these photos below from ...
    Seem like a reincarnated Excursion struck by lighting and taking steriods!!! :P
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 12,031
    sequoia sells about 2k per month. i think it will be dropped soon.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2014 Ford F-150 FX4
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    The Sequoia is downright ancient. It dates back to what, 2001? The styling also needs to be updated. To me, it barely competes anymore.

    To me, the class leader in the non luxury full size segment would be the new Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon. They have great interiors and powerful engines, and the styling is very clean. I really like the look of the new Expedition, but it needs more power. The Armada just looks weird and the Durango feels cheap inside.
  • Although the new Expedition has a nice exterior, I am afraid that it wont be able to rival its Toyota/GM rivals. The interior looks downright cheap to me, something that plagues Ford. As for power, im afraid it still wont have enough punch to keep it ahead of the game. Dismal fuel prices will also keep sales down, I expect.
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