Best deals now or can I wait?

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I am looking at purchasing a 2017 Acura RDX AWD Base. I don’t need to purchase a new car for a few more months, but I know that historically this time of year can fetch the best deals. I have 2 auto loans currently and will be paying one off in a month so financing would be easier in a month or two, but I could likely get financed right now with 3 loans, so if this is likely the best deals I can do it.

I received the quote below. My question is, does Acura ever have incentives between January and March? Any chance Acura ever extends the Conquest Rebates? Will I likely fetch the best deal now at the end of the year with the current rebate or should I wait as they’ll likely have extended this or have others? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

MSRP $38,010
Dealer Price $35,057
Acura Rebate: $750
Car Price: $34,307
Dealer Doc $335 + tax & title

Is this likely the best deal I’ll get because it’s end of year or will I get this in a month or two? Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    Hi @bethanysilva, your quote with the incentive is about 10% off MSRP. That's good for an Acura but not outstanding. The usual range for all cars is 6 to 12% off MSRP, and Acuras do fall toward the 6 to 8% range typically.

    Too hard to guess what'll happen next quarter. The economy may tank and encourage more deals. The economy may boom and encourage more deals. :) My personal feeling is that incentives will slack off since SUV sales are booming. Overall sales will probably fall since we've had two great years in a row for car sales and it'll be hard to keep that momentum going, just because everyone that put off buying or leasing a car due to the '08 recession has gotten one.

    Kind of a wishy-washy answer but you've done your research and I think it boils down to how soon you want to get into a new car.
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