hassle of leaking injectors

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Hi everyone,
i ain't a genius and never will be, but i like to think that i'm not that stupid.

so i f*@#ed up and stuck the injectors into the fuel rail and broke one of the o-rings and it sprayed like a firehose. i went and got another new set of o-rings and this time i oiled up the o-rings and very carefully inserted the tips of the injectors into the openings in the rail. they're not supposed to just slip right in without some resistance. if they did they wouldn't seal.

start er up and they still spray like mad all over the exhaust manifold.
can someone tell me what i'm doin wrong? i made sure they were inserted all the way in, they were lined up straight before bolting down the rail, none of them were jammed and they all had a little room to rotate afterwards. they weren't leaking before i took them out, and i assume the pressure is not adjustable. the engine runs ok.
***, maybe i am that stupid.

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