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2016 Year End RRS Deals

fjohn07fjohn07 Member Posts: 22
edited December 2016 in Land Rover
Based on some recent posts, it looks like there is a good number of folks looking for year end deals on the 2016s.  

I've test driven both the 16 and 17 and with the only major change being the infotainment system, if there is a good enough deal on the 16, I think I would bite.  I'm specifically looking at the RRS v8 but just wanted to start a thread on what deals people are seeing.  

I'm in Norhern NJ and the local dealer has 3-4 models I'm interested in but they are only willing to discount 4-5k off a ~90k MsRP.

any other folks on here getting larger discounts?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited December 2016
    5% off MSRP would be $85,500.

    The "range" if you'll pardon the pun, is 6 to 12% off MSRP for "good" deals. But that's for "ordinary" cars and for a lux ride, it's hard to say. We do see BMWs going for 7% off.

    I'd counter with 8% off or ~$82,800. But TMV for Range Rover Sports is about 2% or less of MSRP for a NJ zip. Don't be surprised if you get the "see ya" look. :)

    Well, first I'd hope some other buyers would post their deals.

  • fjohn07fjohn07 Member Posts: 22
    Good points. Would think that the dealers would play ball on deals to clear out inventory before the 17s come in and they may have dealer incentives. I've seen some dealers in NY that gave 30+ RRRs on their lot and not afraid to go across the state line for a decent deal.

    Anyone care to post their year end deals?
  • fjohn07fjohn07 Member Posts: 22

    anyone getting deals on the remaining 2016s?
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