Any Guidance on what year for Pre-Owned RAV4?

njhonda246njhonda246 Member Posts: 12
edited December 2016 in Toyota
Found out about the vibration issues plaguing newer CRVs so now re-thinking my need/desire to upgrade in size from a civic to a crossover. Hesitant to go with a new brand since Honda was such an easy experience for me the last 15 years. Am now thinking a pre-owned RAV4 or 2013 Accord Sport. RAV4 simply due to Toyota's reputation.

Any insight into any years you prefer vs. to avoid? Looking for low mileage since I drive 25k annually. My #1 criteria is reliability and low cost of repair.

Any suggestions other than RAV4 also welcome.

Reasoning for crossover was for AWD and a little more room to fit my recreational items, not a must but would be nice at some point if I keep the car 8-10yrs.
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