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Ford Escape Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited July 2014 in Ford
Report your actual MPG here.

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  • zadscmczadscmc Posts: 5
    28.5 lmpg
    12K miles
  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    Getting 30-32 MPG mostly city some highway mileage.
    Car has been on the road since October 2004. Now has 10K miles. ;)
    Just came off a nice 600 mile trip NYC to northern Virginia. Mileage was approx 30K. And with the AC on and driving about 75 MPH on I-95 up and down, with a Pat's cheesesteak in Phila on the way back (for me not the car)
  • deltaleedeltalee Posts: 1
    I just recently purchased a new Ford Escape Hybrid. The car only has a few hundred miles on it, and already I am impressed by the mileage. First, I have light foot when it comes to the gas petal. In town with stop and go traffic (less than 25 mph), I am getting from 49 to 50.3 mpg. When traveling at 40 mph, I am getting 37 to 39 mpg on the average. At 55 mph which is my normal highway speed, I am getting from 31 to 34 mpg on the average.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    I gather these are from the trip computer. What mileage are you getting when you divide the miles driven on the odometer by the number of gallons required to fill the tank at the gas station? This is the true MPG.
  • hawaiicrvhawaiicrv Posts: 9
    Mine gets 29.5-31 mpg (dividing miles by gallons) which is impressive as I'm not doing city driving - I climb a 5-mile sea-level to 1200 feet elev. road every day to get to work/store. If I were in the city, it would def. have better mileage than this, but I'm not complaining!
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Mine gets 29.5-31 mpg (dividing miles by gallons) which is impressive as I'm not doing city driving - I climb a 5-mile sea-level to 1200 feet elev. road every day to get to work/store. If I were in the city, it would def. have better mileage than this, but I'm not complaining!"

    Actually, going up hill allows the battery to provide more relief from the ICE. I think the hills may actually help the MPG, particularly if they keep your overall speed down.
  • cdoldcdold Posts: 34
    I have 10,000 miles on my 2005 AWD.
    The mileage display is at 27.2 overall.
    Heavy commute traffic for a week is 36mpg, top speed around 50mph.
    Highway at 70mph is 30mpg.

    I did have a stretch in stopped traffic of about 7 miles with no engine. That was showing 99mpg. I expected it to come down slowly once the engine started, but it dropped precipitously, and was down to 38 for a 10 mile stretch.

    My normal driving is in a hilly area, 400 foot elevation changes on steep routes being the norm. On downhill stretches, the engine will shut off for a while, and come on for no apparent reason... I suppose the electric steering drains the battery. I've had it shut off at 45mph, which I didn't expect, but unless you are staring at the tach, you might not notice it shut off. I can usually tell when it turns on.
  • leahwleahw Posts: 1
    I'm averaging 26 MPG, but I have a rack on top. Does anyone know if this significantly affects the MPG. It seems I should be getting better mileage?
  • larneslarnes Posts: 59
    Hi. I'm sold on the mileage of the Escape hybrid. I'm curious to know how the car rides on the freeway, i.e. road noise, wind noise etc. Also, the Atkinson Cycle engine is new to me. 4 bangers tend to be noisier than v-6's. Any comments?


    Larry :confuse:
  • The '06 is much quieter than the '01 Escape XLT I traded in. The '01 with the 1.8L was geared really high to compensate for lack of horsepower and screamed down the highway.

    The 2.3L with CVT is much quieter. Mine cruises 70mph at about 2200 RPM, wich is only 100 RPM higher than my F-150. The road noise is improved but you won't forget you're in a small economy SUV.
  • larneslarnes Posts: 59
    Anything interfering with the aerodynamics of you car can affect mileage. Even though the roof rack is just a few thin metal bars, it can create turbulence and hence, drag, not to mention noise. You might consider removing the cross-bars. Just try to avoid putting anything on top of the car. That’s where you really take a hit.
  • I have 2 Escape Hybrids. I am a contractor in Phoenix. The one I use for work has 18k miles and was purchased in march 2005. I do a great deal of driving my moving mileage by miles by gallons has been from 39-43. Towing which I do a lot of about 1000 lbs up to a mountain town of payson I get 26-28. When summer hit its peak I lost 2-3 mpg because you can't sit at a light in Phoenix and not have the AC run for any period of time. In this car I use HiTest gas and the tires are set for max towing capacity recommended by the manufacturer which is 43 lbs. I change oil and filters every 6k. I keep right on hyways and drive the speed limits while the other idiots race by me to get to the gas station, I have also eliminated jack rabit starts from a light.
    The second unit is driven by my wife to and from work a comibnation of hyway and city. She has a very heavy foot she gets 31-33 moving mileage. Obviously your car engine shuts down at a light under normal circumstances. Your saving a lot when your car doesn't idol for long periods. This car has 8k miles and was purchase in January 05 Both are 05 models
  • I have 2 Larry. One I use for my contracting business and the tires are pumped to the max capacity recommended by the manufacture for towing. My car still rides great. Its only a little hard bounce when I go over speed bumps even slowly.

    My other one is my wife's and you can't tell to much diference except the S bump issue. Thanks Doug
  • I'm curious... why HiTest gas? I thought one of the benefits of the Escape Hybrid was the ability to run effeciently on lower octane? Any insights you can offer would be appreciated.
    cheers, Aubrey
  • Hi I got the last available unit of 2005 Escape Hybrid delivered to me yesterday and the dealer said it is a test unit with 282km on it. It is a 4WD with navigation system.
    After driving it several times I notice that the gas consumption is averaging 24mpg which is very low compare to what I have read on this forum. Is there any problem with my escape hybrid? Right now it consumes gas as if it was just a regular Ford Escape (not hybrid). Can anyone give me some advice please?
    :cry: :confuse:
  • I live in Northern Nova Scotia Canada...snow from dec to mid april sometimes...temp average in winter is about 10 F. Anyone with any experience using the escape hybrid in cold weather climates and how is your mileage? Thanks
  • Hi, it's funny you mention this because I test drove a 2005 Escape Hybrid AWD yesterday with only 75 miles on it. I would love to buy it. But, after an hour of driving, the best I could get out of the MPG meter was 24.6. This Escape didn't have the Nav system so the display is under the speedo.
    Do these Hybrids inprove their gas mileage as they get more miles on them?
  • That's what the dealer's service department told me, but I read information on internet forum like this where owners claim that the day they got their FEH they said they were averaging 30-34 mpg. The only thing I don’t know if they are just bragging.

    I'm also wondering if the battery of my hybrid does not charge up properly which causes the engine to run most of the time. I'm saying this because the unit I got is the last unit of 2005 FEH.

    I will appreciate it, if someone there who got same experience as mine would tell me about their experience on their FEH.

    Right now I’m not happy with the mileage I’m getting out my hybrid; it’s like driving a regular Ford Escape with the price of Hybrid. So please, please give me some advice and I will be grateful for the information you will share to me.
  • Why are you at KM kilometers are you outside the USA. If you are in KM you will need to calculate your mileage and convert. Listen the Eco meter is a good piece of equipment to see how you are doing on 15 minute intervals but you should start a log when you fill up with your mileage. and use your gallons and mileage to calculate your MPG. NExt, yes you must break the car in. I takes time for your computer to adjust to the data its getting from your driving. The instint meter is better to get an idea of how you are crusing , starting stopping etc. Try and stay in battery mode as long as possible. So don't let the idiot behind you push you into a jack rabit start. On the hyway, do the speed limit not 20 mph higher. At these gas prices we are starting to see people finally slowing down. Doug
  • For the first few weeks your car will run to charge batteries a little more often. As the batteries discharge and charge they will gradualy deliver the data to the computer which will start to readjust the charging cycle. The book also says that you will leave battery mode at 25 mph. I have been able to stay in that mode up to as high as 35 mph. depending on road conditions. As the electric moter breaks in you will see changes in your capabilities, just like the gas engine as it breaks in. I use Hi test its not necessary but I am getting slightly better results with it. One important thing check you tire pressure. If you are under the recommended pressure by even 1-2 lbs on any tire you will definately get lower mileage. In 1980, the company I owned converted Renault Le Cars to total electric. We used a 48 v motor and 16 lead acid batteries. I do wish Ford would allow the batteries to discharge more before charging, It would be better for the life of the battery pack, They could also increase the assist speed level from 25 to 30 but they have know idea of warranty liability on the motor. I am hoping in time that Ford will allow firmware changes as they have more data. This could increase mileage also. Doug
  • Thanks Doug for the info, I will give it a try. BTW, I'm in Canada and we use L/100Km as mpg.
  • Hey Canada I was wondering how your mileage has been doing.
    I now have over 20k on my care I have hit 43 mpg.
    I seem to have leveled in at 39-41. carrying a load of tools daily.
    One thing I have noticed in my travels up to our mountain projects
    I have switched to Synthetic oil with Shell V-power hitest. My instant econo
    meter indicates that I am taking the hills a little easier which should
    translate to higher mileage when you fill up and log MPG. There is another guy in
    phoenix that I meet the other day that has been getting 44mpg and he uses the proper calculationto get that, Hes not relying on the 15 minute meter.
  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    You will see a bump in fuel economy after about 5000 miles. The biggest factor in my driving is trip length. The Escape will not do really well until it's fully warmed up. On longer freeway trips (longer than an hour) I can easily best the EPA 29 MPG highway in my 4wd.
  • I love! my new 2006 4WD Escape Hybrid, only 1000 miles on it. Normally get 25 mpg in 'normal' SoCal competitive driving around town, but can ease it up to 28-29 mpg if monitor in-dash screen (keep it high green) and tach under 2000, while watching the road (need three eyes!). I can get over 30 on the highway, if not fighting the crowd. Secret is to be easy on the pedal, like you have an egg under your foot, and coast as much as you can get away with. Otherwise, step on it and have fun! This baby can mooove! ;)

    Cheers. Ivan
  • I noticed the same thing on my 4WD Escape 2006 hybrid, that I can nurse the mpg closer to 30 once the engine warms up. If my drives are short stints of only a few minutes, which means I'm turning the engine on and off, the best I can manage is 25 mpg, which is normal driving around to do groceries, stopping at library, pick up laundry, etc. Longer trips, once the engine is warm, I can manage closer to 28-29 in normal driving, and got it over 30 if road conditions allow (there's nobody else around, and coast a lot in the 'green') but most conditions are busy roads. Also, if I cruise around the block under 25 mph, my mpg goes through the roof, since am running on electric motor only, with braking recharging the batteries. But that can't last indefinitely, per laws of physics. :blush:
    Hey, it's an SUV!
  • I have had my '05 4WD fully loaded Escape Hybrid for about 6 months now and have tried to learn the most best ways to squeeze out every drop of mileage I can get. Your driving habits have to be re learned all over again and also your thinking about what is coming up (lights, traffic, hills - - ) and plan for them in advance and you might get the finger or horns honked at you - but what the heck. We just took a trip to the north GA mountains this past weekend and started out with our Nav reading 31.4 MPG after having gone on short trips and used about 1/4 of a tank. On the way up I was trying to make a deadline so I went the speed limit (possibly a little more) which was posted at 65 & 70. When we had made our approx 100 mile trip the milage read 30.2 so I had probably gotten below 30MPG on the way up. Well on the way back I said to heck with the time and speed and set the cruise on 55. Well when we got home it was reading 34.4MPG!! Had to be getting about 36 or so on the return trip. I have tried different speeds with the cruise and also trying to keep the gas pedal constant (slow up hill but pick it up on the down hill side) but that 55 on cruise still seems to be the best for me. Just a note around here it is hilly - I am sure that the vehicle would do GREAT in a flatter road environment. Over all I am VERY happy with my Escape Hybrid and will be looking for the next generation in a couple of years.
    :D :D
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Philinga:

    The following might help in regards to your slower speed areas …
    The Low Gear Advantage

    At 55 mph in heavy traffic, a FWD FEH was worth ~ 46 mpg and fell to ~ 42 mpg depending on outside ambient and lesser traffic when I drove it out to Dearborn from Chicago last month? I changed GPSman’s oil before we moved an inch after he arrived at my home. That was with Mobil1 0W-20 half way between the marks as well as pressing up the ContiTrak’s to 46 #’s … 70 + mph in an Escape, P/U, or SUV w/ a Cd of ~ .40 + is a killer :(

    Good Luck

    Wayne R. Gerdes
  • I have owned my Escape Hybrid since late June.
    I have been getting 28 - 31 mpg highway and 32-34 in mixed driving conditions. I drive to work (12 miles; 17 traffic lights) along a busy commuter road in the suburbs West of Boston, MA.

    I attribute the differences to hills and temperature and my driving habits. Cold weather lowers mpg, hills lower mpg, and sometimes I'm in a rush and don't try to stay in battery mode.

    To those of you who are getting relatively poor mpg with your Hybrid----I'm a direct person, so you can get mad at me for being direct, but I still hereby yell "Americans don't know how to drive (efficiently)".

    I have practiced at getting more mpg out of the Hybrid. I keep the console display on the setting that shows the
    LH for fuel-use efficiently.

    While I have tried to coast to stop-lights, avoid jack-rabbit starts, and keep the efficiency indicator at the "H" end, my fellow commuters are zooming to the next stop-light, slamming on the brakes at the last second, and tailgating me because I'm doing only 5mph over the posted speed limit.
    Meanwhile, the newspapers are filled with complaints about the high price of gas. But few people seem to have examined and changed their driving habits.

    I have managed to stay in battery mode for upwards of 1.5 miles on side roads and have stayed in it for upwards of 35-37 mph. The best tankful mpg I have achieved was just over 35mpg. Given the over-estimating of the EPA, I'm satisfied.

    Two other things:
    Yes - the mpg seems to go up after the first approx 2K miles. The car actually seems to have gotten more efficent on my customary commuter route.
    Yes - The car needs to warm up before you will achieve optimum battery performance. It's cold up here now in MA, and I have noted it takes longer to get into battery mode now than it did in the summer.
  • I've heard that the European version of the FEH has an option to flip a switch to force electric only mode. Is this an upgrade we can do after-market in the USA?
  • I have a 2005 FEH. Sounds like I get the same MPG as most. On the highway 65mph I get 33, at 75 I get 25-27. Around town 24 until it has really warmed up and then 35 is not unusual.
    Does anyone know if we can use E85 in our cars? I almost caused a fight in my local dealship when I asked that question, and Ford customer relations thought this was a technical question.
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