Best Lease for under $700 a month

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My current lease will be ending in the next few months and I am beginning to look at other options. I currently have a 2014 Cadillac CTS Coupe. Since they are no longer made, my next car will not be a Cadillac. I want to get some opinions on other options. I am looking for either an AWD Convertible or Coupe. I will be leasing the car and most likely taking a 3 year / 15k per lease. My budget is flexible but I would prefer to stay under $700 per month without a CAP cost reduction. Any opinions would be appreciated.


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    $700/mo? Yeah...we can help. I think you can definitely get into an Audi A/S5 for that number, coupe or convertible. Although, Audis don't typically lease well, I think it's doable.

    Little smaller, but a lot more performance, you can get a BMW M235i X-Drive convertible for that amount.

    Not sure what the market is on a BMW 6 Series, but ask your BMW dealer what those are leasing for. MIght be a bit above your budget, though.

    I looked at Mercedes a couple of years ago. But, not sure how they lease out these days. But, E series coupes were leasing around that amount back then.....some were convertibles, too.

    That's a start!
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