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1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery Drain

daviddekedaviddeke Member Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Jeep
Hey Guys,

Lots of issues with this Jeep. I replaced NSS, Battery, Starter because it would not start. I'm no mechanic, that's for sure. Watched a lot of repair videos and read posts.

Previously, when I replaced starter and other parts, the Jeep ran great for 11 days. Then, tried to start next day. Clicking sound...Starter... Replaced it at autostore, they said it's not starter. Got new one anyway.

To run the test I disconnected the starter, then I hooked up ohm meter, set it for 10m ohms, took off negative cable, and put meter in between cable and battery post. No drain...I was curious and hook neg cable back up and no power drain, (watching hood doom light). Switched to Volts, tested battery, said 12.67, kept voltmeter on it and was slow drain to 12.59?

I also heard it could be faulty/lose body control module fuse?? Who knows?

Look guys, I'm no expert, just trying to save some money, but, this is out of my scope...

David D.
David Deke
Novice Mechanic
Marketing Expert
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