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MMI Jukebox Learning and More Questions

whobodymwhobodym Member Posts: 190
edited January 2017 in Audi
I'm an A5 owner in a possibly rare situation. I've filled up my media jukebox to capacity, something like ~200 CDs. Don't ask how long this took -- but a road trip from Seattle that got as far as Jacksonville FL helped a lot. My learning to contribute here is that when I reached capacity, I realized some CDs I'd uploaded were less desirable than some others I hadn't uploaded yet, so I did some deletions. I then was at first disappointed that I remained unable to upload any further CDs even after deletion of several. However, I discover now that the jukebox seems to have its own internal cleanup processes which take a long time -- perhaps weeks not just days, and which go on silently in the parked car with no outward signs. I successfully uploaded 4 or 5 CDs just lately. Do any of you have similar evidence to confirm/amplify my observations?

Does anyone have further tips on Jukebox administration or operation?
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