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imageMonthly Update for December 2016 - 2016 Nissan Titan XD

We took care of some maintenance on our 2016 Nissan Titan XD in December and took it on a couple of midrange road trips.

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  • 500rwhp500rwhp Member Posts: 99
    I'd like to know why Ed thinks that the noise (and $5,000 premium) is a small price to pay for the diesel performance. That performance numerically is 14.8MPG and slow acceleration, and apparently "it is still quite loud". Bad gas mileage, slow acceleration, and a loud motor. Why would this get praise of any sort? My cynical mind says because Nissan gave it to you to evaluate at no charge, but.....maybe I'm wrong.
  • bohiobohio Member Posts: 59
    Hellwig's head-scratchers: a) The "performance" as mentioned in the article and in the first comment, and b) suggesting the XD would be a "great road-trip vehicle".

    Less than 15 mpg, less towing and hauling capability than the Ford F-150, much slower than the F-150, and more expensive than the F-150. Is that the "performance" for which the diesel cost (dollars and noise) is a "small price to pay"?

    And on a road trip, who doesn't want to stop frequently, especially if parking is tight, because their vehicle gets just 15 MPG and has a range of 385 miles or less? ("Sure, honey, I know the others are already at the Dog Bark Park Inn, and we're still 3 hours and one more fuel stop away... oh, don't let me forget more DEF this time; we should call our XD 'Otis', because it drinks like that character on Andy Griffith... but these seats are comfortable!)
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