No lighting on Speedometer and Tachometer

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Just purchased a 2004 Mini Cooper S. Thrilled with it but no sooner than I am out of the driveway than little bugs begin to appear. I had driven it several days earlier and dashboard lighting was functioning. The day I picked it up the former owner told me that he had to jump the car to start it and after doing so the dashboard lights (including the numbered channel lights on the radio) all went out. Gauges and warning icons are all workinig. I also noticed that the turn signals make no clicking noise and blink extremely slowly. Battery is also draining overnight but I am not so much worried about that as I am the dashboard lights. Suggestions or feedback anyone?


  • donminis04donminis04 Member Posts: 2
    Please note that I just had the battery and alternator checked and everything is functioning as it should.
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