Jeep suspension problem

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Building a beat-up second-hand Jeep I got from my cousin. It has been lifted but I noticed it wobbles when I drove it. If the tie rod is worn out, would that cause the wobble?


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    There are a number of factors which can cause the Death Wobble. Incorrect lifting can force or stress components away from the normal driving conditions. Simply throwing coils and new shocks under the wrangler isn't all that is needed. Checking the wheel/tire for balance, Check to see if the wheels are factory or after market, Check to see if the wheels are hub centric or lug centric. Check for worn bushings, Misalignments, the list can go on and on.. The only way to track this wobble down, is to systematically check everything on the list. Taking the jeep or in your case hauling to a tire shop for an alignment check is a good start.
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    I had the same experience before but I was able to fix the problem with my old suspension. I'm currently using ready lift and there hasn't been any problem since.
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