2006 Jeep Liberty Right Front Flasher Not Working

103linda103linda Member Posts: 1
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Hi, When the directional signal is used, rapid clicking heard, but the light does not blink. The bulb goes on when the head lights are turned on, but the light does not blink when the directional signal is on. The right front hazard light does not blink when the hazard lights are on. All other lights are working. How do I determine if it is the multifunction switch in the steering column or if it is the combination flasher smart relay that work with the hazard lights that is the problem? Or maybe something else? Thanks for any help.


  • rickmnrickmn Member Posts: 19
    Have you checked the bulb? This is a dual filament bulb--one filament for parking and the other for turns and hazards. Remove the bulb and replace it. If it still doesn't work, get a voltmeter and check for on/off battery voltage inside the bulb socket. If you're not seeing that voltage, THEN start looking for more expensive problems.
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