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Has anyone else experienced engine/dashboard light issues on their 2006 B9 Tribeca?

vtelfgirlvtelfgirl Member Posts: 2
edited January 2017 in Subaru
I have seen a few posts on one combo of light issues (flashing cruise control light, check engine light, and ABS), which I wrote about in a previous post. Now I have a couple of different things happening, which may be valid and needing repair - but I wanted to check here also.

First, my rear differential temperature light goes on and flashes, then goes off. Then goes on and stays on. Then will go off again and then will flash again. We plan to check the oil to see if this is the problem and will have the rear differential also looked at for safety reasons. However, I have been told to fix things by dealers and mechanics in the last 2 years that did not need fixing. So, I am very skeptical of being told to fix things now. (I had my cousin look over the car prior to being told to fix things and he assured me they were not issues - and I trust him since he has worked on cars for 30+ years.)

The second issue now happening is that the ABS light and VDC Warning/Traction Control OFF lights went on with the Rear Diff Temp light, but then it (the RDT) went out - but the others stayed on. We unhooked the battery overnight to see if it would reset - but it did not. We plan to borrow a scanner tool tonight to check for codes so that we can resolve the issue.

Other than these particular issues, I have had fewer problems than most, I think. Other than normal wear and tear (which mine has been low for most of the first 7 years, except for mileage), the only other issues have been the tire pressure gauge in winter (esp when bitter cold), poor visibility with the headlights and the blind areas, which were reported by other owners.

I have had my Tribeca since new and am currently at over 150K in miles. I have done all the servicing as required. I have thoroughly enjoyed driving it. It is my 4th Subaru. Prior models were a 1979 DL (bought new), 1979 Brat (bought used) ,and a 1997 Outback Sport (bought new). I, most likely, will stick with Subaru since I know it drives well in all weather conditions, has the D-ring structure, and has a high safety rating. I drive between VT and MI frequently and need a car I can count on. Would consider other makes/models if they are just as safe and reliable.


  • dragginflybyedragginflybye Member Posts: 3
    I think I responded to your other post. Just wondering what you have found out since this was written several months ago. I am a loyal Subaru customer as well. When you can push snow that is above your hood and every other vehicle is wrecked on the side of the road, I will stick with my Subaru. And I absolutely love my Tribeca which I have only had for a little over a year.
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