Blower Fan Issues

michaelsfordmichaelsford Member Posts: 1
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I am having a problem with my blower fan and come summer it will be a big problem if I cannot figure out what is wrong.

When I turn on the hear (or a/c) the fan would come on, but at random times the fan would come to a stop, sometimes with a strange noise. Once I turned the car on to warm up and let the heater warm up the inside of the car. Came out to the car and the fan was not blowing and the car smelled of something burnt. Now, most of the time the fan will not even turn on. If it does it will stop blowing within 5 seconds (longer if I turn it on a lower speed).

The shop I take my car to for hard things is unwilling to point me in a direction, so I am turning to this forum for some help. I understand I can replace the blower fan, but I am sure there are other parts that I should consider too.

Please help.
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