crazy gauges going haywire

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Theres a combination control behind the dash clear cover needs replaced on 2001 thru 2004 on mazda tributes also ford escapes you will have to take it to the dealer or a mechanic has the electric download to the new one so it don't lose mileages relays to gas pumps electric tach and speed gauge they will take you to the bank and tell you crazy things that need done total job no more then $100 max


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    How do you now what this should cost? Do you know how much it costs the shop to buy the subscription for the Ford IDS scan tool? Did you know that while Ford and Mazda used to share the IDS tool and its subscription they stopped doing that in 2011 and now any shop./technician who chooses to be able to provide this service for the vehicle owners has to pay double what they used to? You do realize that this cost is on a per year basis and if the shop stops paying for the software the tool turns off, right? (ret)

    No, of course you don't. It's easy to complain like you did here, it takes a lot more effort to fully research the situation. A remanufactured cluster costs the shop about $250 wholesale, a dealer reman would be even more. They cannot sell it for what they pay for it, there has to be some proft made in order to keep the doors open and have qualified techs available to repair your car if/when it develops a problem. They have to charge labor to do the work for you.
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