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Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla vs Mazda3



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Last time I checked, the Mazda3 doesn't have a Wankel engine.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I decide whether I like a car or not within the first 10 seconds of sitting in the interior.
    Hopefully, you test drive the cars as well as sit in them. :P
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    The following is quoted verbatim from a message on another website:

    Well I had the Mazda 3 for 4 months,just sold it, and now have a 06 EX sedan.I loved the 3 it at first until 1)the paint started chipping. 2)The weak a/c. 3) Cheap Leather Seats. 4)Cheap carpet. The real deal breaker was I came out of a local mall and found my front fender kicked in. Then I had too get ot replaced and repainted. They tried 5 timed to get the white to match. It turned out a different shade. I finally took it to another shop and had the whole side re done. After that 2 month nightmare, I had lost the love of my Mazda 3...I hope to never have to go through that again.I'll take my 96 Accord to the mall and I'm very happy with the 06 Civic EX, its got more room in the front and rear and the a/c is COOL....also the build quality seems better.Though I would have liked the option of the HID headlights and leather...I guess I'll have to suffer..I parked the new Civic next to a mazda 3 the other day the Civic looks sleekier and more up-to-date IMO...Hope this helps.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    It’s true that mazda's rotary engine was developed in Russia I believe
    Actually, Mazda, which was known as Toyo Kogyo back then (1960), acquired Felix Wankel's engine from Germany's NSU automobile company and introduced it into its first passenger car, the R360 coupe. Source: Wanda James' Driving from Japan.
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    I have one for a week to try.My other two cars are an Accura Type S 6 speed and and my wife's 5 series BMW.
    I thought the Mazda 3S would be better on gas milage,but not true.Probably because it's an automatic.The type S gets me better milage and cost me $5.00 a week more to run.The Mazda is a little softer driving and has better ,or the same low end torque.( Type S 91 octane)
    However, the Mazda is built cheap, noisy engine and a losy A/C unit and defrost system.My last Mazda was an 88 RX 7 GXL what a fun ride and no problems.I had a RX 7 GS 1983 and a 323 H.B.This is all through med school etc.
    Back to the 3S (excuse me, I do know Mazda's) I did like the heated seats though and lumbar support,but it's not worth the money, due to build quality and ride,not to mention how they get you on the options.(priced out at$23,400.00
    I'm going to try the Civic w/leather ,nav. ex pkg.If I like it I'll get a lumbar seat and an AEM front seat heaters.
    Too bad , I thought the Mazda was a fun ride,However they might have put a little Zoom Zoom in their cars ,but the ride,quality and price drove me away.
    Some of you will say keep theType S,and wait for the 07 RSX with a new body style.
    A toyota dlr. claims an XLE V6 would be a better deal.
    What to do?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    >I think Mazda and Honda are innovators but Toyota I admit they make good vehicles but they have no innovations.

    Huh? HSD owners wipe the sleep from their eyes and scratch their heads. "What did I just read?" :surprise:

    Have a nice day doing some research, mr. carguy?58 sir.

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    However, the Mazda is built cheap, noisy engine and a losy A/C unit and defrost system.

    Please share your data supporting that statement.

    I can't hear the engine in my 3s, the build quality is top-notch (and many professional reviews have given it the same comment), my a/c is ice-cold and my defrost system works very well. At 10,700 miles I'm very pleased with this car.

  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Blane, just curious what your choice of roads, your mall's security and your choice of body shop have to do with the quality of the Mazda3?

    Of the complaints you made in your post, the a/c is the only item I can uphold as a reasonable concern with the car, knowing what's been reported here. As for the quality of the carpet and the leather, I agree that the carpet isn't the plush berber of your living room, but did you not inspect things like this before buying the car? Surely you sat in the seats and had an opinion about the leather before you drove it off the lot, didn't you?

  • ezpilzeezpilze Posts: 29
    ... I do believe I said ..., but this forum IS about the... if you don't understand what over emphasis upon a certain word is on a sentence. Please read more carefully as I have so painstakingly stated so many times to carguy (twice is enough in my book).
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    Maybe ,because it's a demo and also the paint chipped along drivers door edge. The car I tried was blue and has white primer.
    The engine is noisey compared to my vetec.I live in Maine I took it to the top of Mt.Washington and the defroster doesn' get the side of windshield and drivers window too .(very fast) I think the a/c was cold but the fan was lacking in thrust.
    The car is a fun ride,but wears on your back on trips.Also, I'm glad you like your car and I bet it's a five speed.I just don't see the quality for what you pay for.
    I had to pay on my S $ 475.00 for Fogs and $450.00 for a spoiler extra and $ 300.00 for an X-Pel clear mask.I know it's just an over grown Civic EX,but am I wrong to compare the quality? The 3 doesn't have a door or lid where you put your change.I average 30 mpg now and about 22 to 28 on the three.
    I think for 24K you can do better.Especially in standard features,except for Toyota,they"ll grab you.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421

    But let's be careful not to take things personally ... it's all good. :)
  • ezpilzeezpilze Posts: 29
    Haha woops, yeah it was developed in Germany, got my chinese names mixed with english. I wonder why I said Russia though... mistake on my part, sorry.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    The car is a fun ride,but wears on your back on trips.Also, I'm glad you like your car and I bet it's a five speed.I just don't see the quality for what you pay for.

    Well, mine is a five-speed s hatch. I paid under $17K for it and it's still loaded with all the features I wanted (most of which reside under the hood and body anyway).

    I do think your first sentence in that line I copied above should read "... but wears on my back on trips." I say this because I'm a big guy, and the 3's seat remained very comfortable for my large, heavy back on a recent 400-mile trip to Pittsburgh (and the same trip back home five days later).

    As for not seeing the quality, I dunno -- I guess that can be subjective, but the Mazda3 continually rates at the very top of the list for build quality, use of interior materials, fit & finish, etc. -- you name it -- in all the major car mags and Internet automotive sites (including good ol'


    P.S. If you don't smoke, there's a covered ashtray (lighted too) at the bottom of the instrument panel. There's an armrest in the center console that has a split opening, the bottom part for CDs and the top part for smaller items. Seeing how that top part is padded, it seems to be the perfect place for spare change since the change won't vibrate there. The 3 has the largest glovebox in its class and a covered set of cupholders you could throw change into. So I'm counting five covered storage areas where change could reside. But speaking of change generally, who needs change in their car anymore? I have an E-ZPass transponder on my car for paying tolls. I know the Maine Turnpike Authority and all the other toll roads in the Northeast use E-ZPass too, so you don't need to have change rolling around in the car either! :shades:
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    "There are reason why Toyota is pose to become not only number 1 in Japan but in the world, and there are reason why Nissan is once again number 2 in Japan overtaking Honda and there are reason why Mazda is still under Ford. You cant sell a lot of cars in a technology crazy country like Japan without offering innovation. Educate yourself."

    Yes I know Henry Wankel did invent the rotary engine nut Mazda was the first to use the wankel technology. As far as Nissan is concerned Renault had to bail them out so don't say that Mazda is under Ford for and so and so reason. . I respect your post but try to be a little bit more nice next time saying my name is Carguy and why name is CarGuy? Educate myself I took that as some kind of diss. You can respond but don;t personally attack me please.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I agree with most of your post. Yeah Mazda's may not be as reliable as H&T but I would still take them over any domestic. I think Toyota's are boring looking with the exception of the late Celica and Scion they just don;t do nothing for me. A 1998 626 still rank above average in reliability so its not a 40-50K thing. No I don;t do my own maintenance. I understand that Mazda's are not great to fix but like I said before I 'll take them over most car makes. Why are you brushing off Toyota's sludge thing though. Your saying how an MPV's engine broke down but a Toyota sludge thing you just brush off. I don;t get that.

    Its only a board for opinions so relax people. Dang.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Things are getting personal when we really don't mean for that to be happening. It's all about the cars, remember? Not each other.

    Let's get back to what we think about these three fine vehicles and stop focusing on each other - it ain't worth it!! :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Carguy58, I need for you to email me if you could, please - pat AT Put Edmunds in the subject and your user name in the email. Thanks, I appreciate it!! :)
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one being harped on here! Apparently more Mazda people are here and they always nail people who aren't Mazda lovers to the wall...or at least they try to! :)

    Toyota and Honda are innovative. They both have hybrids. Where is Mazda's hybrid?
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Sorry, but you misread my post. I wrote: The following is quoted verbatim from a message on another website.

    The piece was not mine, nor was the vehicle. I just quoted another owner on a vtec site, so I cannot respond to your questions.

    I enjoyed my Wankel-engined 1972 Mazda RX3, but that was a long time ago and Mazda's quality has suffered since Ford bought a chunk of them. I was not pleased with the Hertz Mazda6 rental that I drove last year.
  • joe249joe249 Posts: 95
    You might have a point.I like Mazda's ,but is the Patriot Act invoked on this forum?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    is that all personal comments henceforth will cease and desist.

    We really are here to talk about the cars and those who want to participate in talking about the cars are invited to continue.

    Those who are unable to refrain from tossing in comments about others need to not comment at all.
  • Yup , they had to bail them out. In fact Nissan is 44.4% owned by Renault. But in the same manner Nissan recently bought 15% of Renault. Their relationship is more of an alliance.
    But lets stick to the subject. To say that Toyota doesnt have innovation is flat out wrong. Ignorance to say the lease.
  • :P First impressions are big things! Most drivers like myself can't distinguish a good driving car and a bad driving car and base their likes and dislikes purely on aethestics and design. I'm not saying design is everything - I'll know when I am driving a piece of crap, but sitting in the car gives me that first 'click'. No matter how nicely the car drives, I don't think I'll notice it if I don't feel comfortable sitting in it the first 10 seconds. I think the Mazda3 excels in this regard.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    To say that Toyota doesn't have innovation is flat out wrong. Ignorance to say the lease.

    Every car maker innovates something...some are better than others. That said, being an innovator doesn't mean success in the marketplace...In some cases one company will innovate something and another carmaker will take it and make it better. History has proven the domestic car makers are probably the most innovative...The Asians are great at executing somebody elses original idea.
  • mylai1mylai1 Posts: 4
    "The Asians are great at executing somebody elses original idea". Um?? excuse me but im asian and i take offense to that, have you ever been to asia and see the cars they put out over there? i think domestic car makers are just as good at executing someone elses original idea including the asians. maybe you should leave the U.S. sometime before you say something ignorant like that.
  • "History has proven the domestic car makers are probably the most innovative..."
    Keep on believing that while the Asians are silently moving forward.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    History has proven the domestic car makers are probably the most innovative
    That depends on whose history book you are reading. Remind me, Rich, which "domestic car makers" were responsible for the diesel, the rotary and the hybrid?
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I think we've innovated enough, and we've all had our opinion to the point that the host here is probably considering the innovative idea of closing this off-track discussion down.

    Anybody heard any news about the Corolla redesign?

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    mylai....It wasn't ment as something stop being so super sensitive. Yes, I have been to Japan and toured Mazda city, twice..also been to Trollhattan, Weissach and Stuttgart. Never been to Detroit though, have you?....Go back and read some history books and perhaps you might learn something. History and innovation didn't start a few years ago.. Here is a quote that perhaps says what I ment better than I did...
    "The Japanese are particularly good at focusing on promising technologies and commercializing them," said David G. Victor, director of Stanford University's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development. While most inovation comes from U.S. companies, he said, the Japanese have a proven knack for "managing innovation," and "integrating innovation into the manufacturing process."

    autonomous...come on. like I mentioned above, inovations didn't start yesterday. Which imports were responsible for the assembly line, airbags, windshield wipers, headlights, crash test dummies, turn signals, automatic transmissions, electrical ignition system, power steering...and the list goes on and on. I suspect my short list has benefited hundreds of millions of people..I'm a Mazda guy but innovating the rotary engine hasn't benefited anyone and so far the hybrids are not living up to gas mileage expectations and the technology has been around since the 20's/30's so what makes it so innovative??...the diesel has been a big winner but not for typical traditional carbuyers but for the trucking industry.

    Grandpa was right when he used to tell me that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Americans have different necsseties than other countries.

    Ok, enough...I didnt mean to turn this into a war of innovation...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    some of us are turning things into personal confrontations when no one meant to go there.

    And it would be a good thing if we coud stick to the Civic and the Corolla and the Mazda3 since that's what our subject is.

This discussion has been closed.