Acura RSX MPG-Real World Numbers

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    2002 Acura RSX type s 31 mpg in town, got 40.3 at 60 to 65 mph.
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    Canadian car purchased Aug 2001. I keep my mileages in Quattro Pro files so they're in there by year. Here goes:
    My best mileage was 41.9 mpg and 6.7 litres per kilometer
    2002 average for the year was 31.4 mpg and 9.1 litres
    2003 average for the year was 30.1 mpg and 9.5 litres
    2004 average for the year was 25.7 mpg and 11.3 litres
    2005 average year to date is 23.9 mpg and 11.9 litres
    You'll notice mileage is getting worse but that's due to less mileage driven and more short hops versus long trips.
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    Just got a 2003 RSX Type S this past weekend, and on my first tankful of gas (yeah, they delivered it to me empty, so I've filled it twice already), I averaged 32.8 mpg. Not too shabby. My '95 Accord EX averaged about 31 around town.
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    2005 Type-s - 27 mpg
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    Second fillup on my '03 Type S, 31.5 mpg, mixed around-town and highway driving. I spent a lot more time above 3500 rpms on this tankful, but that's still a pretty damn respectable mileage figure.
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    Bought it last month, 10,000 miles on it. This is my 4th fill, averaging around 31 mpg. :)
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    I do 75% highway (70 mph on highway), 25% City, and average 30 mpg during the summer. 2002 Base Manual, Bridgestone Turanza LS-H, 93 octane Shell V-Power. I keep data in Excel so numbers are accurate. If I slowed to 55 mpg on the highway I am sure I would get much closer to the 33 mpg my car is rated for on the highway.

    In addition, I've noticed several things:

    - mpg drops 2-3 points in the winter months.
    - my aftermarket Bridgestones dropped my mpg by 1 point (although the OEM Michelins were so bad that it is well worth the 1 mpg loss).
    - I have a Base, but filling with 93 octane increases mpg by 2 points (I know this is a controversial topic and I don't want to get into arguments about it, but I have done extensive tests on it, and it is true for me at least).
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    I have a 2004 Base RSX with the 5-speed manual. I bought it new. I currently have 33K miles on the car, and the original tires (Michelin Pilot MXM4). I use a full synthetic oil, and I burn the 87 octane gas. Typical highway fuel economy at 70 MPH hovers around 30-31 MPG. One weekend I tried driving to St. Louis from Indianapolis (about 250 miles) at a steady 60 MPH, with the cruise control on. The traffic on the interstate was very light, and the car returned 37 MPG. Hmmm!

    The last time I got numbers like that was when I had an '86 Escort (5-speed). Not bad at all! :)
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    I too get ~27 mpg with my 2006 RSX Type-S
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    I've got a 2004 Acura RSX Type-S. I use the Fuel Log at GasBuddy to track my MPG.

    In 2005 I logged an average of 28.91 MPG. This was mostly highway driving at around 70 MPH. The best I ever got was on one trip home from another state on secondary roads averaging around 50 MPH, I got 34.16 MPG on that trip.

    So far in 2006, I'm averaging 28.4 MPG. This is on snow tires. In the summer, I run Toyo Proxies.

    I've tried varying tire pressure, different tires, a K&N air filter, windows up, windows down, air-conditioning on or not and different types of gas (regular vs. premium) to see if anything helped get better MPG.

    The things that I've been able to measure that actually work to give more MPG is slowing down (to 55 or so - see above), staying out of VTEC, and using Premium gas. I've measured a 4-5 MPG increase using Premium. Premium usually costs $0.20 more than regular in my area. I haven't done the math to figure out if I could actually save money by switching to regular (it costs less, but I get worse MPG with it).
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    Really helped me- just wanted to share

    Ok so ive pretty much heard all the common sense as well as lousy gas saving tips. but this one was really interesting, and it answered pretty much all my questions.

    i like it alot! so just sharing the 'green'.

    what do you guys think?

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    I am checking my mileage on the current tank. The reason: It's a lot better than I expected. All I know is that my Chevy Malibou ate at least a tank a week. I'm pretty sure the tanks are about the same size and I'm barely using 3/4 of a tank with the Type S I bought in July. I'm almost certain I'm getting measurably better than the 24 (or so) mpg that it's rated at.
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    Averaging 27 mpg this winter.Combination city and highway
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    I just got a 2005 Type S with 24K last week. Filled up this morning and calculated 24 mpg. But that's probably cause I'm still doing stupid things like hitting the red line in 1-3. I also wish there was a 7th gear for highway cruising. Anyone got an ideal speed I should try to keep? :confuse: 80-90 is not it.
  • vibsrvibsr Member Posts: 47
    For your best highway MPG, stay below 75 mph and use your cruise control. In stop-and-go driving, you should be in 5th gear at 45mph. I'm guessing that you can get 6th gear at 50mph. Check your owner's manual. It covers all engine/transaxle configurations. With gas over the $3.00 mark, I would nix that red-line action :shades:
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    I had a 2005 RSX Type S... and during a round trip from Baltimore to NYC with the average speed between 65 and 70 mph, I managed to pull 37.1mpg out of it, so 40.3 is more than believable in my eyes. Man I miss that car.
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    32 mpg in my base model, 5-speed stick. I always thought that was pretty good for a car as fun as it was around town and in the canyons...

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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    I bought my 2004 RSX type S in Oct 2005. For the first few months, I was a bit easy on the pedal and constantly got 32-33 in mixed driving. Then I stopped caring and would still get 30-31. With the latest gas hikes, I am back to soft driving and also try some hypermiling techniques. My latest tank, it seems I am getting 35mpg+. I will report back when I refill. Have your driving habits changed lately?
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    On a couple of recent trips from Houston to Dallas & back I averaged 35+ mpg. Was mostly running at 72-73 mph with the cruise set where it was safe. Also I use 93 octane. This car has 115k miles on it.

    Around my town, we see 22 mpg. Mixed local driving of some highway,some back roads and around town returns anywhwere between 26 to 28 mpg on average.

    Should also mention oil usage -- I'm adding about a quart of 5w-30 every 5k miles which is my oil change interval.

    Can't wait until the engine gets broken in...
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    When gas prices went through the roof in 2008, I switched from premium
    gas to mid-grade to save $.10/gal. Surprisingly, my MPG has averaged 2 MPG higher ever since. ...went from 27 to 29 MPG in mostly city driving. Has anyone else seen this? Any reason why?
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