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3rd Row getting stuck in 2017 Q7

nnainarnnainar Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Audi

I bought Audi Q7 2017 model on Nov 2016. The new one I got from dealer had some issue with 3rd row which they fixed after a month. Now, I tried to bring the 3rd row seat down using power button and didnt notice the child seat. The seat again got stuck and didnt come up or down. I took it to Audi dealer and I was told that it is some kind of safety feature and asked me to pay around $500 to fix as they need to remove the seat and reset the motor.

I am surprised by this response and as an user, I would simply expect the seat to stop there or come back up instead of having a "Safety feature" to have the seat stuck for ever and get the user pay to get it fixed.

I want to check if any other Q7 owners have similar experience with 3rd row?. Or is it just my car. Since my car had 3rd row issue right when I got it from dealer, I wanted to check if it is just my car or other Q7 also has the same issue?.



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