2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Front passenger window stress crack

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I own a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Recently I noticed a crack on my front door passenger window. The crack is approx 3" long and it is close to the side mirror. The Jeep has 24,000 miles. There aren't any marks on the glass that would suggest that the glass was hit with a object, which causes me to believe this is a stress crack. The dealer says the 2 year, 12,000 mile glass coverage has expired and they won't put in a warranty claim. The warranty info in the owners manual says Windshied & back window is covered under the 12K 2 year warranty, it says nothing about door glass. I think the glass its self is defective. Has any Jeep owners been in this situation?


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    Exact same thing, how did you resolve your problem
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    I took it back to the dealer and they said it appeared that a rock caused the damage & and they would not cover it. I ended paying out of pocket for it.
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