GMC Denali Electrical issues

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2010 Yukon Denali randomly will lose power and go into limp mode. All lights on dash panel come on (stabilitrack, side mirror monitoring, air ride suspension, etc). No gages work. No speedometer. No Tach. Will turn ignition off and it will not restart. Will not even click. Inside lights still work. Remove battery cable for a minute and reconnect and it starts back perfectly. No codes are stored. GM tech said that it loses communication with computer. Very frustrated and concerned. Any help???? New battery and new GM battery cable. Please advise


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    I have been dealing with the same problem. I have heard that the negative ground for the 12v battery sometimes deteriorated internally. It looks fine from the outside but may be bad underneath the cable housing.  Also the BCM could have a short internally - this causes the gauges on the instrument cluster to go haywire and different error codes and malfunction indicator lights to go off. I just replaced my BCM but as soon as I drove the car off the dealer lot, it lost total power and died out on me. Now, GM 8: saying I originally had two separate issues. The electrical issue is one problem that replacing the BCM supposedly fixed and a separate problem being the hybrid battery needing to be replaced. Hybrid battery is about 4500-5500 so I just traded my Yukon before I could confirm if the BCM replacement fixed the electrical issues. I can’t waste anymore money troubleshooting this vehicle. I’ve only had it since July and it started having issues two months after I bought it. Good luck hope you find someone who can fix yours. 
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    I joined this forum just to complain about my GMC Denali. I have 2011 Denali Yukon XL AWD that we got new. It is the worst car we have ever bought new. The transmission is the worst and we also have the same electrical problems people on this post have. I will never buy another GMC.

    The dealership can't seem to fix the problems and now that we are over 100,000 miles we will be stuck with the bill if they ever find the problems.

    I also get the emails, phone calls to trade the Denali from the dealership but why would I get another junk.
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