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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    You could try to attend one of the Mazda Rev it up events and get a $500 coupon good towards any new Mazda.

    Does anyone know or have an idea when new shipments of Mazda5's will hit the dealer lots again? We're in the market for a Platinum Silver Touring with Navi & auto (wife can't drive stick), and there isn't one on dealer lots anywhere in the DC/VA/MD area...
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    You will get a phone call in a few weeks asking about your buying experience, as well as a paper survey. I would definitely tell them. I really hate it when the dealer offers you some free floormats in exchange for a perfect survey!

  • My local dealer (Russel Mazda in Catonsville, MD) told me he expects 20-30 vehicles in the next week or so. Good luck finding your car.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Hello all. I just spent the better part of the afternoon test driving and "haggling" with a salesman at the Brown's Mazda location in Fairfax, I really did just stop by for a quick test-drive. I am in no rush to buy, still have to sell or get a decent trade-in for my '02 Jetta Wagon, but the salesman just would not let me leave. He kept on trying to get to give him a price and have me to sign a document saying that I would buy the car if he was able to get the price I wanted. Why does everything have to be so high-pressure? The to and fro with the Manager... AUGH...

    Anyway... in the end his starting offer was... $22,665, for an automatic Touring, with Nav. After explaining that I would have to pay $3000 to cover the low trade-in he was offering, the price was reduced to $21,895. Based on information from, this is about $1000 over invoice. How does that sound? Was I hasty to walk away? How do I go about getting other cardealers to make me an offer, without spending two hours at the dealership? needless to say he was only happy to suggest that I could finance the $3000 that I would still owe VW.

    Comments - recommendations - or suggestions???

    ps. It would seem that the Strato blue version is pretty popular as none are available locally. He noted a 4 month delivery wait on that color/model combo.
  • Has anyone had a DVD installed? Experiences??? Dealer installed?
  • I can't tell you how much I (and probably just about every other person who ever bought a new car) hate high pressure sales people. Just give me your best deal!! I walked out of a deal on the Mazda5 at my first dealer visit (Brandywine Mazda) because I found the manager to be misleading, demeaning and bossy. I then went home and called up the "internet sales" managers at several Mazda dealerships in the Philadelphia area. Each of them gave me some awesome deals, ranging from about $1000 over invoice to the (according to Edmunds, not the dealer) $300 over invoice ($19,400 touring auto, no nav)at Maple Shade Mazda in NJ. No haggling was necessary. I simply called and told each person what the best deal I had gotten was (okay, maybe I fibbed a little), and they told me what they could do for me. Give it a shot. Worked well for me and saved me not only frustration, but the time, pain and cost of driving to each dealer. Maybe even give Maple Shade a call. If you can save $500 or more (minus gas and food) maybe an 8 hour (round trip) road trip isn't out of the question :blush: (I'm cheap). Good luck.

    PS - our 5 is Stellar Silver. The color is really wonderful in person. I also wanted to get the Strato Blue until I saw the green/blue/grey/silver color shift of the Stelllar Silver. Check it out.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    You should check out the Fitzgeral mazda dealership in Frederick.

    They quoted me a Stellar Sliver Touring with Automatics and Navi for just a bit over $21k.

    I'm looking for a platnium sliver, and I'm hoping they get one soon.


    PS - I own a strato blue Mazda3. It's really hard to keep clean...
  • I did almost the same thing. First dealer actually never discussed price. Second said no deals. Called around and one said they could "match" $1,000 off sticker. Went the next day and wrote a check. No hassle at all.

    If you do decide to "play the game," here are some thoughts. As a former salesman, different approaches work on different people. High pressure actually works for a lot of people, believe it or not. High emotion, good or bad, often gets people to commit, unfortunately. Somebody who says they are "just looking" is viewed as either a slam dunk (easy high profit sale), or somebody who is afraid to commit and needs a push. The psychology behind it is that it's easier to make a big decision when it's not all your fault. They are "helping" you to take the plunge. Salesmen often go too far with it and can get offensive. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell them to back off.

    They want a sale and that's only going to happen if you agree, so stand firm and if they are offending you, go straight to another salesman or a manager. They know you can shop prices online and over the phone so they just want to hear that you are serious and they need to know the number so they can start bumping it up. It's like telling you that you aren't really serious because they want you to say, "yes I am." Then they have an opportunity to say, "ok prove it. What's it gonna take?"

    So go in with a fixed amount in mind, whether a few hundred over cost or a certain amount off sticker and start even lower by a few hundred bucks. Hold firm even when they bring out the invoice. They won't let you out the door without their best number. If it's at or below where you want to be, see if they'll throw something in at that price. Never hurts to ask. If you are ok with the number and they have the car available, make it seem like you are going to have to work it out and that it's still higher than you want to go but that that is absolutely the highest you can stretch.

    Once they know your true ceiling, they'll still try to bump you a bit, but that's when you can say as clearly and forcefully as possible. I can't go any higher. If they say they can't match that and you know they can, walk. They'll probably call you back or stop you before you leave. Don't be insulted. That's what they have to do to make sure they aren't leaving anything on the table. Just remember that you are always in the driver's seat, so to speak. Unless you agree, they don't have anything. Hope this helps a bit.
  • Thanks EVERYONE for the great feedback.

    I must admit that this is my first time "buying" a car, have leased two others, and well it is a bit different when all your looking for is the lowest monthly payment. Not sure why, but just seems that way.

    I have put out some internet price requests and will be making some calls around town, maybe even up to NJ!!

    I just have to stick to my guns and hope for the best.

    Thankfully I am not in a hurry.

    Thanks again all.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    Don't forget to check some of the western dealerships (i.e., Winchester Mazda or the Mazda dealership in Hagerstown, MD) before you run up to NJ.

    Also, has anyone seen the Phatanom Blue color in person? Is it a light bright blue like the Winning Blue for Mazda3's?
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    Yes, we picked up our long awaited, (ordered it 8-27-05), Phantom Blue Touring manual last Friday, paid $18850 stock, and it is the most beautiful of the colors, (though the only other colors we have seen in person are black, grey and white). However, the color shown on the website and in the catalog color section are incorrect. The real Phantom Blue color is shown on the "blue" 5's in the catalogs and on the website. Each is in Phantom Blue, NOT Indigo Blue, as that is more purple in color. The Phantom Blue is a deep blue or a dark greenish blue, depending upon how the light hits it, but in any light it is simply stunning and unlike any other car color out there. We love our 5 and it was worth the wait, even though we did not qualify for the free loaner, the $500 gift, or the warranty setback many of you did.
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153

    I'm eager awaiting the arrival of new Mazda5 Tourings with Nav in the VA/DC/MD area. The color sections here is very limited and now that the recall has been completed, I hope new cars starts showing up at the dealerships soon.
  • I live in Boston and work in Peabody. Who is a good dealer that I can get to the bottom line with without protracted negotiation? IRA Mazda didn't seem competitive last time I looked at Mazda, the only one I visited.
  • Hey all.
    Just purchased Stellar Silver (Green) Metallic GT, 5 speed yesterday. Here's the details.

    Talked to 2 different dealers and got a web-quote from Tried diligently to get dealership to match web-quote and got close.

    Base MSRP 24,000 cdn
    - 400 discount (difficult to negotiate)
    + 465 PDI
    + 845 Freight
    + 175 Air & Fuel taxes
    + 2,006.80 PST
    + 1,755.95 GST
    cdn $ 28,847.75 Total incl all Taxes
    - 500.00 Recent Grad Rebate (to be mailed)

    Plus, they threw in locking wheel nuts and a rear step plate. I bought from Carling Mazda in Ottawa and they were OK but a bit of a pain really. I'm a bit bummed about the PDI and Freight costs as I miscalculated in my head and thought it was less ... but, still, this is the best Canadian deal I've seen other than kev604 in Vancouver.
  • Forgot to mention, expected delivery will likely be sometime in February b/c of the recall/production halt, etc. However, we will be getting a new (ie. not fixed) vehicle straight off the line.
  • ffunffun Posts: 29
    I got a very similar price on my Carbon Grey GT, 5 speed in Edmonton, Alberta.

    $25,000.00 (incl. freight etc)
    + 455.00 (1 year extended warranty)
    + 1,781.85 (GST)

    I bought the extended warranty because the dealer said he would throw in lifetime free oil changes if I did. Luckily, I'm in Alberta so we don't have any PST.

    The price was not difficult to negotiate. I simply e-mailed all of the sales managers in the Edmonton area and went with the best price. I told them that I would only contact the lowest price so they only had one chance to make the sale.
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    I have a Strato Blue. I bought it the day it arrived at the dealership, that and a black one were the first to arrive at that dealership. I was planning on the Phantom Blue, but after seeing the Strato, I liked it much better. When all the 5's were on the dealer lot for the recall, I got to see all the colors in person. I am still happy I picked the Strato.

  • kev604kev604 Posts: 30
    Its nice to hear of other fellow Canadians getting discounts. $900 in your pocket means alot more to you then it would to the dealer and Mazda Canada, nice work! After I got my $1100 discount I asked the dealer if he could throw in accessories but they wouldn't move any further. I put my deposit down on Sept 29 about the time Mazda stopped production so I'm not sure if I'll be getting a "new" one or a "fixed" one. I'll be calling the dealership to see, when I find out I will be posting the info to let others know who are in my position. If anybody has any input I'd appreciate it if you let me know thanks, - Kev604
  • Hi.
    Purchased a Black Gt - 5 Speed in Montreal and i've got a pretty good deal:

    650$ off MSRP
    + 300$ more for my exchange than all garage visited

    Still, even if the car is in stock, the dealer haven't yet received the parts ...

    ME WANNA DRIVE IT!!! :shades: :shades:

    Also, since it was my 1st brand new Mazda, and obviously i wanted to try before i buy, i suggested a compromise and the salesman accepted right away:

    since they didn't had a manual ready, i 1st tried an automatic MZ5, to get the feel of the car, then, i tried a manual MZ3 Sport, for the manual - 2.3L combo.

    After the 2 road tests, i've provided a deposit on the car and signed the contract.
  • I bought mine mid September from a Mississauga dealer...and for a GT with auto, paid just under $30,000. with $950 off the price, and I got them to throw in locking wheel nuts, a cargo net for the back, and winter floor mats front and back. Not a bad deal, plus Im still waiting for the $500 cash back from the recall.
  • Bought a metallic silver GT from Santa Fe Mazda with navigation, moonroof for $22,500. They insisted there is a waiting list and that they needed to tack on a $2,000 market value adjustment but we refused to indulge that and walked away with a wonderful vehicle. It is fantastic!
  • Bought a Phantom Blue Mazda 5 Touring with automatic for $19,344 (invoice). I also attended a local zoom zoom event which gave me the $500 rebate and knocked my price down to $18,844.
    Roto Mazda, where I bought the car, had 8 to 10 cars on the lot and I suspect they were happy to be selling them again after the recall.
  • Soooo in my continuing car search... I was just offered today (via Internet sales), a Mazda5 w/ touring package, manual for $17,174. This seems to be about $500 under invoice... Has anyone else seen this kind of pricing? Are they just trying to make end of month numbers?
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    I hope that offer didn't come from Arlington Mazda.

    They offered me a Touring with automatic and nav for $20,700 which was way below invoice. Then it turned out the recall wasn't done on the car yet, so they couldn't let me drive off it off the lot.

    Make sure the recall has been completed on the car and that you can take delivery.
  • c3poc3po Posts: 26
    Bought a Mazda 5 GT with air\auto in Toronto, got $700 off the MSRP. Plus I'm still waiting for my $500 cheque in the mail.
  • This weekend I bought a GS with tinted windows, stick and Air with $550 off the MSRP. They also threw in a cargo net, fog lights and winter floor mats.

    The bad news. I have to wait 3 months to take delivery. :cry:
  • I recently bought mine in IL and it did not have the recall fixed either. They just said to be careful with the manual shifting and they would contact me when the parts came in. Since I had already read about a bunch of people on this forum signing waivers and driving their cars, I wasn't concerned. I wonder why Arlington doesn't allow you to drive a car off of the lot?
  • Hello,

    My husband and I are looking for a car that can accomodate our newborn and our dog on road trips. We thought we had plenty of time to research, test drive, etc. but our daughter had other ideas and arrived 5 weeks early! She's two weeks old today. So now we are trying to move forward quickly because she and the dog cannot fit comfortably in our current cars (98 Accord and 97 Civic)...will be selling one of the current cars soon but, fortunately, we can move forward with the car purchase in the meantime.

    We never planned on looking at new cars - thought we'd end up with a 2-3 year old Forester, CR-V, or possibly an Outback. But the Mazda5 has caught our attention. We would mostly have the third row down so that our dog could ride in comfort, but it would be nice to have the extra people-seating when needed.

    I've read almost all of the posts here and on the other Mazda5 boards and my husband test drove a manual Touring edition yesterday. We both really like it but I have a few questions...

    I'm concerned that there aren't any US crash test ratings yet - how can a car be sold here without being tested by NHTSA? I did read the European review that someone posted here - it sounded great, but is it a test of the exact same car that we'd be buying here in the US? I'm particularly concerned about whether the third row seating would be safe in a rear-end collision, as has been discussed here and elsewhere.

    Also, despite all the great advice on Edmunds, I am still very intimidated with the idea of buying a car from a dealership, esp a car that is in such short supply! If anyone can recommend a trustworthy dealer in the Baltimore/DC area, I'd really appreciate it. I'm not sure if you'd allowed to do this on these boards, but just let me know if you have a recommendation and I will follow up with you individually.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    PS: I am posting this on the General Discussion board as well because I'm not sure where it belongs...
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