HELP! Repetitive "AT" Light on a Transmission with No End In SIght!

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In early 2016, I purchased a used 2008 Mazda3 for my son. After three weeks of ownership, the car's AT code appeared and the car broke down (violently shaking in 5th gear) on two occasions and was towed to a transmission shop. As a result, to our shock and dismay, in April 2016, the car required a $2800 rebuilt transmission installed. Conversely, after 1 visit to the local Mazda Dealership and SIX return visits to the transmission mechanic, he has replaced the solenoids, the computer and associated wires. However, the car continues to code "AT" within 3 days of each of the 6 return visits to the mechanic.! Has anyone had a similar issue or recommended corrective action via Mazda? Thanks


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    It wouldn't matter if someone did, each vehicle problem has to be analyzed on its own and what has occurred with another car is generally meaningless. From the sounds of things they are chasing an intermittent failure and resorted to doing the usual repairs anyway without actually getting to test and prove what is going on. You really need a specialist, someone who will set the testing in advance of a failure event to prove as much as possible when it finally does occur and either get to figure out what is wrong right then or else be able to plan the next step for the next event. It is difficult and often thankless work.

    To even get started the first thing I would want to know is the exact conditions that appear to cause the symptom to occur such as, but not limited to:
    Weather. (Temperature, rain or N/A)
    Distance the car has to be driven to get it to present the failure.
    The amount of time that the car has to be driven.
    If driving it and then shutting it off and restarting it has any impact on the symptom occurring.
    What accessories need to be On/Off in order for the problem to occur.
    What codes are setting (if any) and in what module.

    That would be enough for me to try and re-create the symptom, from there it takes time, patience and a good game plan.

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