Nissan Rogue - CVT Revving downhill

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I have a 2016 SV Rogue with 6k on it. When I start to go down a steep grade, I take my foot off of the pedal to coast.
Within 10 seconds of going downhill, the RPM's go from 1250 to 2500. It is not gradual, either. It is more of a jump. It will stay at 2500 for about 6 seconds and then gradually go down to 1250 and stay there until the bottom of the hill. Is this common for the CVT?


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    That sounds like what happens when I hit the Overdrive on/off button on my Versa Note with CVT. I use it to "downshift" going down steeper grades to avoid riding the brakes and your description describes almost exactly what happens when I do this.

    Looking at the Rogue manual, I see reference to Sport Mode, although it doesn't say anything about automatic engine braking, and that's what it feels like you're describing. Looking around online, I see other people describing the same thing happening. I've never had it happen on its own like it does when I hit the OD button, but there are times on cruise control when the RPMs will go up or down as the CVT adjusts to the grade. I'll have to see what happens next time I'm on a steep grade.

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    Thanks PF Flyer-very informative post. I am only in the regular "D" mode. I have tried the other modes SPORT & ECHO, but when this happens it is in regular "D". I have also accidentally hit the OD button on the shifter, and that really gives you a jolt, but it is not on when this happens.
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    It could be programmed into the CVT on the Rogue. looking in the 2016 Rogue Manual I see this in the transmission section:

    The CVT in your vehicle is electronically controlled
    to produce maximum power and smooth
    The recommended operating procedures for this
    transmission are shown on the following pages.
    Follow these procedures for maximum vehicle
    performance and driving enjoyment.
    Engine power may be automatically reduced
    to protect the CVT if the engine
    speed increases quickly when driving on
    slippery roads or while being tested on
    some dynamometers.

    I can't find any reference in the manual, but it's possible the CVT is programmed to automatically "downshift" on a steep grade

    Just curious, does this happen on any steep grade or is it happening on the same stretch of road?

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    Every steep road. Almost with 5 seconds of the start of the decent.
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    When letting off the throttle some systems utilize an engine braking strategy which has them essentially downshift the transmission to spin the engine faster. Some cars are more aggressive at doing this with the cruise engaged, and others can have a switch that the driver can activate to help control vehicle speed when going down hill. Check to see if turning the cruise control off if it has been on changes the behavior or to see if there is descent switch that is activated.
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    It really feels like the CVT in the Rogue must be programmed to do this, maybe because of the size/weight of the vehicle. I've tried to duplicate this on my Versa Note CVT, but it doesn't do it. Had a Rogue as a rental for a couple of days while body work from a deer incident was being done, but didn't travel that much with it and never went over any of our local steep roads. Otherwise, I might have had a better answer :)
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