Mini-Trucks what ever happened to them???

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Mini Trucks what ever happened to them???

With gas prices contining to rise how come we continue to move to bigger trucks with bigger engines that get terrible mileage. Wouldn't it be the perfect time for someone to re-enter the mini-truck. Remember the old Datsun, Toyota and Mazda's that could actually get 30 mpg. Have our needs really changed enough that we all need 200+hp and the mileage that goes with it.


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    You answered your own question. Most people want bigger trucks, whether they have a need for them or not.
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    They are on the market but in a different category than in the past. I found some under "electric utility vehicles", made by few manufacturers in Canada, USA and Japan. The most interesting and local to you would be TanTum ("the only one") that exactly matches your description. But not on gas, electric. They are in canada so the address is
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    Check out the up-coming Scion Cargo TB2 at the New York Auto Show. Then send scion a message and encourage them to push up production and introduction to the U.S. market to an earlier date.
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