2006 kia sportage lx - A/C cooling problem

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I have a 2006 kia sportage lx v6. Live in florida. When I stop at a light or am sitting in a drive thru, my ac starts blowing warm, when I start driving again the ac returns to cold. I've placed a thermometer in the vent and when cold registers between 30-35F. My mechanic has replace the engine thermostat and the radiator thermostat. Freon is fully charged. compressor is working fine. My mechanic can't find anything wrong but suggested a thermostat inside the dash MAY be the problem which requires the removal of the dash to replace it but there is no gaurantee this will fix the problem. Please, any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.


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    I recall reading that there is a computer update that addresses this. (It keeps the AC system from freezing and quitting.) Search for a TSB technical service bulletin.
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    Don't have the #, but this may be the description: 01/25/17 Electrical and Air Conditioning Service action: hvac control unit logic improvement (sa 226) - this bulletin provides information related to an hvac controller software upgrade for 2017my sportage (ql) vehicles, produced from december 10, 2015 through february 15, 2016, a
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