05 Dodge dakota transmission range sensor

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I have a 05 dodge dakota 4x4 3.7L... the range sensor is bad, which makes the computer think my transmission is hot, so it won't shift. I want to bypass it, if possible... but I also want to know where the sensor is located, and how difficult to peplace... thank you


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    You wont be able to bypass it, if it is bad it needs to be replaced. It is on the drivers side of the transmission, between the input and output speed sensors. Depending on which transmission you have it either threads in or else it is held to the case with two bolts where the shifter cable connects.
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    @jakeabop , did you ever fix the problem you were having with your Dakota? I have the same exact year, make and model and I'm having what I think to be the same problem. The computer gave me a P0706 code (transmission range sensor). Also, I'm not sure if this is related to the range sensor or if it's a completely separate issue, but when I get up to around 45 MPH my truck shakes/ vibrates for about 5 seconds. The sound/ feeling when it does this is semi relatable to when you're on the highway and you run over the bumps along the side of the road. However, if I go from 0-60 without letting up (as if I were getting on the highway via the on ramp) the truck doesn't shake or vibrate or anything. It just goes without any issues. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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